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Have you sat down and asked her what is going on? DD (also 7) will dilly dally when she does not want to go somewhere but she knows she does not have the option to not go if its a family thing or group thing. If its just her activity I don't make her. SHe can make her own eggs, toast, cereal, sandwiches but still wants us to do it sometimes. I can do it myself but still ask others to do it sometimes. DD takes pretty good care of herself dressing (but does ask us to...
I didn't know there was a March 08 thread! Naomi, we call her Nomy, has started standing. She will occasionally try a few steps when holding onto something. She is getting so big I just cannot believe she is already 8 months old. She has her two bottom teeth and is slowly working on solids. We just recently started giving her things at the table. Have not done the jarred baby food thing since my son was a baby I really like child led eating or whatever you want to...
How exciting. One of our Easter Eggers just started laying a few days ago. Beautiful green eggs! We have four laying now that all started within the last 30 days. 4 more have not started yet but I am hoping they will not hold out on us till spring.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pippi We'd go again but this time we definitely won't have the money. I think they have a scholarship and you can volunteer for reduced rate or something like that. We are lucky to live in Vancouver so we don't have travel expenses but wish we could stay at the hotel. I do feel we missed some of the action not being there all the time.
I don't think you are stifling creativity. With kids that young its so hard because the mess is just huge! I still look back on the day I gave our two year old glitter and cringe and I was right there the whole time.
Oh Pauline just went back to read. I hope Sophia gets better soon! It was so scary when Marah had staph. So scary!!!
Not sure whats going on Pauline but Marah hates hates hates the powdered probiotics. We tried putting it in everything and found that it never really disolves (could be the brand we have though) We have been battling some kind of rash for almost a year now and its finally going away (crossing fingers please be going away!). But we have been able to get her to take the orange flavored childrens chewable probiotics. Not sure if they are better or worse but the naturopath...
We are a maybe. Nomy hates the car but only if its dark so the drive home would be no fun. Still debating seeing all you wonderful mamas and miserable drive.
Our car is always packed when we travel. Dh can't do it nothing ever fits. I can pack stuff into every spot imaginable. Embers Good to see you here!! We met once when you were having those playdates at B's rental. This was pre adoption so you only had Zion. We are young parents to and get looks sometimes. Well I'm young, 27, DH has hit 30 and turned grey just recently! I like to tease him.
A fifth or sixth here for magic eraser! Will even get permanent marker off some things.
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