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Thanks. It is a nasty bug. I was so achey, and my throat hurt very badly. Monday night, I could barely make it into bed. Once I was there, even the blanket on me hurt. My husband caught it, along with the kids. He never gets sick, and he is still fighting it. I think it just takes down your system pretty hard. I have a cyst on my head that's been there for 12 years now, and it started become painful and swollen on Wednesday. That's the reason I'm browsing the forum right...
Quote: Originally Posted by SundayCrepes Right now he is really into watching Betty Crocker cake decorating on youtube. LOL!! My daughter was so into those videos about a year ago. She found them on youtube on her own (I think she was searching "princess"). She loves them! I thought it was hilarious that she was so interested in the cake process, but it made sense, because she loves instructions, explanations, cooking and cake
Your body might not have had time to recover fully from your cold. I was sick the same days, Monday being my worst. Same symptoms! I'm still tired and not recovering well. It's hard when you have kids to take care of and are unable to fully focus on healing. Take care. Keep up with the elimination diet. I went gluten free and vegan, and felt awful, then wonderful (well, not wonderful, bc I am still ill, but not as sick?). It will be worth it. Try resting more, and upping...
Quote: Originally Posted by pickleeater My husband and I have been living aboard our boat for 4 years now and we're expecting a little one in March. Glad to see that this thread is still alive! We've been following lots of boat mama blogs for a couple of years now, so I know the basic ''essentials'', but many people have much larger boats than ours, so I'm always keeping an eye out for others so that we can make life aboard as comfy as possible for the...
We have them here on Hayden Island in North Portland! Just showed up late last night. We're on a sailboat, though, so meeting up might be easier at someone else's home. I'm going to be keeping her out of the sun, because she has quite a few on her face, and my son developed some scars on his arms when he was in the sun with his pox last summer. Luckily they faded after awhile, but I'd rather not risk that with her face. Feel free to email me: nicole.m.murray@gmail.com
Ah, got it Your husband just messaged me, too!
Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see your pictures, too! Funny, our kids are almost the same ages: Ciara was born 5/04 and Oliver was born 4/07! They really haven't caused much trouble at all, surprisingly. Just fighting a little more than usual, which is to be expected since they're in closer quarters. Are you Bethany, by the way?
Hi Kailia, I think I remember you on the Westside thread awhile back. You were in McMinnville, right? How old are your boys? Are you on Facebook? I am on there a lot more than here; my FB is facebook.com/nicole.murray
Hey everyone It's nice to see a Portland thread up here again. We're out on Hayden Island now, so would totally love to get to know more people (since we were out in Newberg before), and get out and seeing what's around.
onandon - Thanks! I will check out those links. And you should totally blog. Don't worry about it being perfect; just add as you go. I have like, 6 blogs going. Haha. Ideally, I should probably just put them all together, but it would seem like such a mish mash (our live aboard family blog, unschooling blog, my doula blog, personal journal on Livejournal, stuff to do and see in Oregon (more like a reference than a blog), and my paranormal group's blog. LOL.) So, you see...
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