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My husband was going to go down to the health department today so we could get exemptions for our youngest two because we need to enroll DD1 in Kindergarten. He called ahead to see if he had to drive to the one 30 minutes from his office or if he could stop by the one 10 minutes away. They informed him that THAT form they only do on Thursdays, during certain hours and only at one location. Can they do this? I mean, all they really have to do is sign the form (I know...
That's definitely refreshing to hear. I had searched the NHS website for answers, but couldn't find anything about exemptions or anything, just what vaccines to get and when.
We're seriously looking into immigrating from the US to the UK or Ireland sometime in the near future. We, however, have three children who are not vaxxed and we currently claim religious exemption. I'm having trouble finding information about whether or not we have to catch everyone up on immunisations before we immigrate. Does anyone know where to look that can point me in the correct direction?
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Completed: Clapotis for Grandma Cabled scarf for Aunt WIP: Moonlight Sonata Shawl for MIL In queue: Luna Moth shawl for mom socks for step dad hat and scarf for sister and whatever else I figure out to make for everyone else
I would start calling and interviewing now as you want to find someone that meshes well with your personality. Like a PP, I've had ladies call me when they're 9 weeks, and I just had a client that called me at 38 weeks!
I use magic loop a lot in my knitting (to the point that I don't even use DPNs anymore) and the KnitPicks Options are perfect for it. The cables are small and very flexible. I can do the magic loop on the 32" cable that comes in the kit, but I ordered the 40" also just for magic loop.
I would love to knit the Molly Weasley sweater just for wearing to the premiere's. But I don't think I'd want the entire sweater, maybe just the sleeves knit onto a shrug or something. I need to learn how to do more than a single chain and double crochet, though.
I just got my copy in the mail today and it's wonderful!! I can't wait to start knitting some Harry Potter goodies!
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