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Thanks everyone! I found some Sole fillets and a container of homemade mini meatloaves in the freezer this morning (YAY!). With all your helpful suggestions I think we'll be just fine for the next 10 days.
Due to some unexpected costs I have only $50 left in my grocery jar for the next 10 days. We are seriously committed to our budget and our debt repayment so unless we are in danger of going without food there will not be any more money added to the jar until the 15th. Our family is: Myself, DH, 14 yo DS, 4 yo DS and 14 month old DD who is still nursing. Due to allergies we cannot eat many processed or convenience foods and the wee one can't have dairy. I have lots of...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChristyMarie After taxes you'd have roughly $800K to work with? I'm pretty sure the OP is in Canada. We don't pay taxes on winnings in Canada so she'd have the whole amount.
How wonderful! I'm so happy for her and her family. If I had 1.5 million I would: Buy a nicer house in a nicer neighbourhood ($500,000) Give a few different family members some money ($200,000) DH would take a 1 year leave without pay from work so we could travel around the world with the kids. ($100,000) Put the rest in the bank for a rainy day. I would also pay off all our debt, buy 2 new cars and put my middle son in Montessori school.
We have 4 jars. (Family of 5 includes Mom, Dad, 14 yo DS, 4 yo DS and 1 yo DD who is still nursing) Food = $900/month (everything that we eat whether it comes from a store or a restaurant) Incidentals = $200/month (non-food items that are necessary such as diapers, cleaning supplies, toiletries, cold medicine, household items. we also buy gifts from this jar) Clothing = $120/month (clothing and shoes for all 5 members of the family) Entertainment = $80/month (fun stuff...
Mine got progressively smaller (but exactly a week earlier every time). DS1 was 9lb7oz (39w4d) DS2 was 9lb1oz (38w4d) DD was 7lb1oz (37w4d)
Well, we found a solution. We moved out. DH and I took some money out of savings and bought a really good futon for the living room. Lily goes to sleep in the crib in our bedroom and we sleep on the futon. She is sleeping much, much better now. On a bad night she will go down around 7, want to be nursed at 11:30pm and 4:30am and get up at 6. On a good night she goes down to sleep at 6:45, cuddles in bed (in the bedroom) with me from 4:30-5 and then I pop her back...
Well, I'm sorry you're all in the same boat as us but kind of glad I'm not floating out here all alone. I suppose time will fix this eventually. My two boys were good sleepers so this is all new to me.
I am exhausted. Lily goes down to sleep easily at 6:45. I can put her down awake and walk away and she just goes to sleep. She does this for naps as well. She doesn't stay asleep and wants to be nursed back to sleep every time she wakes up. On a GOOD night she will wake up at 11:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 and 6:30. We get up after the 6:30 nursing. On a bad night she wants to stay latched onto the breast from 11:00 or so until it's time to get up. If I pop her off she freaks...
I will be the lone dissenter on the Snuggle Nest. The sides are a very hard plastic and it takes up a surprising amount of space. Every time I moved the plastic wall of the nest would dig into my back. When DD wanted to nurse I had to take her out of the nest and then the nest was in the way so we could cuddle and nurse without moving it. Half way through the second night with the nest I hurled it into the closet. We returned it the next day and sidecarred our crib.
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