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I'm so sorry. I wish peace for you and your family.  
The picture is darling and I don't think it's at all inappropriate for display in your home. (I'd be cautious about posting it online though.)
  My DD had Eczema as a baby and it was the only thing that did the trick.
Same problem here.
Bumping this because I have three old phones that I'd like to donate, but I have been hesitating for this very reason. I don't even know if I have a charger for two of them.
My six-year-old DD is really a "block kid" and plays with them often. She incorporates them into other play by building homes and cities for her small dolls, fences and zoos for her toy animals and additional furniture for her dollhouse. We have two sets of traditional alphabet blocks (large and small) and two sets of these, plus additional random blocks.She loves Playmobil and can concentrate for hours on imaginary scenarios.   Despite those things, she has never...
I peek at all gifts mailed to DD. I have extremely passive-agressive in-laws who love to send her things that they know we won't allow, just to revel in us having to be the "bad guys." I also have a mother who insists that she knows best, our opinions are silly and sends whatever she likes- without regard to safety, age or DD's interests. Rather than have DD sad or frustrated by opening a gift that she cannot keep, I peek ahead of time and wrap the acceptable gifts back...
Happy Solstice and Blessed Yule to everyone!
Oh, how I long for three, when most of the noise required no input from me! Now that DD is six, all her "noise" requires a response of some kind. She never, ever stops talking. Never. And every other sentence requires an answer, an acknowledgement, a supporting statement and/or rapt attention from me. I have resorted to having to take five to ten minute "Mama breaks" throughout the day, where she absolutely may not say one. word. to me. I don't feel great about it but I...
We really like "It's So Amazing!" It's by the same author as "It's Not The Stork" but goes into a little more detail about how babies grow in the womb etc. When DD was younger, we had "Amazing You!" which is more about boy/girl differences but has a gentle, brief section about pregnancy and birth.
New Posts  All Forums: