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I have a just-turned 6 year old DD. We have never done Santa. We have always told DD- kindly, but bluntly and firmly- that Santa is not real and does not exist. We explained that he is a character, just like Strawberry Shortcake or Pooh, and exists only in books and stories. She knows that the "Santas" that we see out and about are just men in costume, like some people dress up as characters for Halloween. She has never had any trouble with this reality. She does not get...
Coffee, margaritas, very late nights and a pile of OPKs from Dollar Tree.
Saw this in new posts and just wanted to say Congratulations! What a blessing!
knapsack, kickball, kaiser roll, koi (goldfish), kanji (Japanese characters), karate, kayak, katydid   Book ideas:   Katydids: Leaf Look-Alikes Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? Karate Pig   Snack ideas:   Koala cookies (available at pretty much any Asian grocery) Goldfish crackers (for koi)
Will she be spending a significant amount of time at your house? If so, my DD at four was in love with her:   dollhouse scooter easel trampoline hopping ball   If you need smaller things that she can bring back and forth:   Doodle/Magnet Board Fancy Nancy doll  (This is my DD's favorite non-baby doll. She is beautifully made.) portable tea set art case magnetic dress-up dolls
Perhaps something along the lines of Heifer International? They will send him a little card thanking him for his donation and 6 magazines a year with beautiful stories about the families that they help. You could get him a little, stuffed animal to remind him of his joyful gift to others.
I'll chime in with another personal anecdote, to give you some hope. I had awful Asthma as a child. It was bad enough to keep me from being able to run in gym class. I also had multiple allergies, both environmental and food-related. I took three different prescription medications and benedryl every, single day. I also took allergy shots twice a week. Throughout elementary school, my allergies tapered off until they were 100% environmental. By the beginning of Junior...
Lincoln Logs Wiffle ball & bat Candyland Memory Nerf balls Raggedy Ann and Andy Cowboy Dress-up Slinky toys Etch A Sketch Nascar Cars Sports Equipment/toys/clothes with USA Team Logos/Mascots (perhaps your hometown teams when you were a child)
Booklight   Remote Control Helicopter   Massage Cushion   Electric Toothbrush   Shower Radio with iPod/MP3 Dock   DVD doctor (fixes scratched, unplayable DVDs)   Emergency Jump Starter for Car   Flash Drive
Homecoming and Dicey's Song by Cynthia Voigt   Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink   The Trixie Beldon mystery series by Julie Campbell   All Creatures Great and Small (and the following books in the series) by James Herriot   Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach                
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