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I look forward to reading what others do as well, because I'm nearing the end of our tether regarding groceries. I don't know what else to cut out anymore either. I'm a vegetarian and DH only gets a small amount (like one package of hot dogs or a pound of cheap burger) to last each week. DD is veg as well. We stopped buying organic months ago. The only things left to compromise on are non-organic but hormone-free milk and free-range (store brand) eggs. I buy all our...
You and your family will be in my thoughts. Hope everything turns out for the best.
Thanks for the replies, both of you! AF is still a no-show, which is great. I've resisted the temptation to run out and buy a test. I think I'll assume that this would normally be a 30 day cycle and try to wait until the 7th or 8th. The wait is making me crazy but reading (at PeeOnAStick) that other women have gotten their BFPs as late as 20 days after ovulation, plus remembering how faint my BFP was with DD, has let me keep on hoping. HulaJenn, I definitely need to do...
Okay, I'm mostly posting to keep myself from losing my mind, so bear with me if this is scattered. DH and I have been TTC, on and off, for about 4 years. I am mildly hypothyroid since having DD 5 1/2 years ago, but it went undiagnosed until this time last year. My cycles had been incredibly irregular (month-long periods, months with NO period etc) until the last four or five months, when things finally evened out to something like "predictable enough to expect one...
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad I have one word for all you ladies... Bobblehead There is nothing creepier than a bobblehead, with the exception of perhaps clowns. You'd hate my DH's "man-cave" then. He collects hockey bobbleheads. I don't find them creepy or anything, but I do think they're stupid. That's why they all live in the man-cave.
It looks like a glider/armchair hybrid with a gliding ottoman. Here it is (click on "more images"): http://www.montedesign.net/low_rider_glider.html
I did the survey too and was just coming to post basically what Flowers of Bliss posted. My DD isn't special needs at all but exhibits many of those behaviors once in a while. I think a "rarely" option would have been a good addition to the choices.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oh the Irony Yes. I would. And while it is true that folks could be in an open relationship that is a major assumption for me to make. And if I "outed" something to the partner in an open relationship they could just giggle about it later. I'd do it anonymously though. I actually think it might be taken more seriously that way, rather than from an ex-girlfriend. I'd also stop googling my ex. I just don't see...
Another vote for Bac-Out here. It works extremely well. It also does a great job on hair balls and kid puke. I also use Arm & Hammer Oxy Strength Pet Odor & Stain Remover. It isn't the most natural thing in the world but it really works.
All of DD's are doing the same thing. The lining in the threaded area is chipping/peeling away. These bottles aren't even in heavy use and are only ever filled with water!
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