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I know I'm not allowed to link to my shop, but I sell felt play food on Etsy. Feel free to shoot me a pm if you'd like a link. I do custom work.
How 'bout a baseball cap? Here's a handmade one on etsy. No luck on the traditional cone hats though.
We don't allow Disney Princess stuff in our home either (in short, here's why ) but my 5.5 year old DD does love magic, fairy tales and princesses. Here's some of her favorite stuff: "The Paper Bag Princess" by Robert N. Munsch Usborne "First Picture Fairy Tales" Schleich Fairy Tale Figures Cloth Fairy Princess Doll "Jane and the Dragon" books (VERY pro-girl) and the related DVD
We were just involved in a very minor accident. Someone ran a stop sign in a shopping plaza and hit our front driver's side. Both cars were going less than 15 mph. My DD was ff in a Britax Marathon. Nobody was injured in any way but my car had a damaged wheel well and a bent axle, so we were unable to drive the car away. That was the only detail that required the seat to be replaced. We just made sure to mention the seat to the other party's insurance. We also sent along...
-A good pocket knife -rope -bug and tick repellent -a well-stocked first aid kit -waterproof matches and a lighter -a small, sturdy shovel (to dig pit toilets etc) -a map of the area -a compass - a pair of sturdy, comfortable, water-proofed shoes ( You do NOT want to wear a brand spanking new pair of hiking boots that you bought the week before. Blisters SUCK when you're camping.) -Depending on where you're camping, you may not get good, if any, cell phone...
I can't go to bed unless the house is clean. It doesn't have to be deep cleaned or anything, but everything must be in its place and I can't leave any chores half done (no laundry in the dryer or clean dishes left to drain). I don't like volleyballs. I have no idea why. I was terrified of them until my late teens. Now I just don't like them. Honestly, I have no concrete memory of a specific incident which caused this. I have to complete tasks in the same space of...
I think both are okay under some circumstances. Sneakers/tennis shoes with a dress like this is cute but like this... not so much. Sandals (not flip flops!) look okay with socks in very casual situations if they're worn with a long skirt or jeans. I don't think they look good at all with shorter skirts or shorts. All of this is obviously subject to opinion though. Wearing sneakers for commuting is very common. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, as long...
So happy for you!
Our favorites (besides all the already-around-the-house stuff ) are: Counting Bears- These get used every day, in on way or another. They're great for sorting, counting, arithmetic, teaching more/less, same/different etc. They're also fun to use with the next item on our list- Primary Bucket Balance and a set of blocks with various geometric shapes, like this one. DD also really enjoys her pattern blocks.
If you can find a Stride Rite store somewhere near you, they usually sell Robeez (I know that they did when DD was tiny). I think you can use gift cards on the website too, so you could just order the Robeez from Stride Rite's website.
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