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Mine will be 3 in June and nurses a lot. He does most of his nursing at night. During the day he's too busy but at night... I think it's getting to be too much for me. But he's sick right now and it's the only thing he wants.
Daylily: I agree with what you wrote completely. There are "ugly Americans". There is complacency in our way of life. OTH the fact that we can have this discussion with many differring viewpoints is part of the greatness of America. However thanks to our president, this thread can be monitored and used against you. Those great views of Alaska that JW posted could have oil drills in them in the future. I dislike Mr. Bush. I think his government does not reflect the...
I suppose that I should elaborate. Yes we let them play with toy weapons but my boys are not allowed to shoot each other or hit each other with anything. HOWEVER, I have found that other children do not make this distinction when acting out. I do find that disturbing.
I have 3 boys and I think guns are part of our american culture. We never bought them any toy weapon until last yr. They weren't allowed to watch even a remotely violent movie or show. Even when we didn't have any they'd use their fingers or a stick etc. I realize now that it's okay for them to pretend. We talk about how dangerous guns and weapons are often. We talk about violence they see on TV, movies, etc.. They know we don't like violence. However they need to be able...
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