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Hi all, Ike was heading straight for us here in Corpus Christi and we had planned to evacuate, but decided to wait Ike out a little longer to see what he was going to do. We haven't had so much as a drop of rain. I am thinking of all the mamas in the Houston area and hope that everyone is safe.
I am really hoping we don't have to evacuate, I really don't want to spend any quality time with my MIL.
We are in Corpus Christi and watching closely. I hate to leave, but I am not going to stick around with the kids. If it was just dh and I, I would consider staying. We are going to wait and see where he is going for now, but I don't want to wait too long and get stuck in horrible traffic. I expected more movement from last night until this morning, but he doesn't look like he moved much at all. The meteorologist and government down here haven't even issued voluntary...
We have lots of locally owned places here. Dh and I go every Sunday to our favorite hole in the wall Mexican place. Great food and great price. We will do pizza from a chain every once in a while and if we have burgers it is from Whataburger, but technically they started in the town we are from so they are local, sort of. lol
Supernatural, seasons 1 and 2 are on DVD. Season 1 is my favorite.
Hi all, I found this thread by searching cardiomyopathy. My now 7 week old was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy at birth. I had gestational diabetes and they say that is what caused the thickening of the septum in her heart. But as I research this more I wonder if they (the cardiologists) aren't telling me everything. It seems that it is much more serious than they have lead me to believe. She is on medication 4x a day and sees the cardio again in a few...
I did hear a news story just in the last day or two that suggested the exercising your little one might reduce the risks of SIDS. However, how crazy to suggest that a newborn is over weight.
After my 8th baby I had scheduled to get my tubes ties, but the day of the surgery I cancelled. I didn't want to do a surgery if there was not a medical reason to. Since I had a c section this time around I figured since they were already in I should do the tubal. I am postive that I am done having children.
Whataburger I *think* Ultimate Cheese Cake
The only one I remember is the Challenger. My dh was there on a field trip.
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