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You could always talk her into one of those convertable cribs. The kind that changes into a toddler bed, then into the head board for a full sized bed. I have a crib, in fact 2 of them. My 15 month old sleep in the one upstairs, and I have one in my room downstairs. My ds did not co-sleep well and everyone in bed ended up cranky and tired. Once we put him in his own bed he slept wonderfully and so did dh and I. Now my 4 children before him co slept until the next...
To me they feel like tightening. I have had some that are uncomfortable as well. I get to the point where I can't stand anyone moving around or bouncing around where I am at.
The only solution I could think of to avoid a long trip right after surgery is if you DH could go ahead of you and the kids. Maybe stay at a hotel/suite for a couple of weeks to give you a little time to heal, then you join him. I realize this isn't ideal, then you will still need to figure out how to drive the long drive if your dh isn't able to return. I am used to dh working out of town so this would not bother me, but if you are depending on him for helping after...
Sounds EXACTLY like what my DH would and has come up with. He actually was very sweet after our UC and buried it in our yard for me.
My grandmother used to store all her flour and beans in the deep freezer. If the power goes out the deep freezer will be OK for several days if you do not open it.
I was 2 or 3 days over due with my 6th, I took castor oil and with in an hour or so I was running to the restroom. It was about 6:00pm when I took it and my son was born at almost midnight. With my 8th baby, I was 38 weeks and a few days. My mw and I knew he was going to be big, and I had had 2 shoulder dystocias (with my 2 previous births) because of GD. We were trying to get things started so that I could have my homebirth and not have to go to the hospital. I...
What is bad is that if you do fill out an Enfamil or Smilac gift card thingy and put that you are going to FF they will not send you a thing (I know from my first children), then when I put on the card EBF they send you tons. I guess they figure they've got you already if you are planning to FF and they have to work at it if you are EBF. BTW I am a huge supporter of BF now and have nursed all my later children. I was young and didn't know any better, now I do. Kasey
Congratulations! April 18th is a great day to have a baby, my Emma was born on that day 3 years ago.
I have never had a changing table with all 8 of mine and we don't have room for one this time around. I bought a crib at a garage sale for $80 and it has a drawer underneath it. I plan to put all her clothing and blankets and such in there. Probably some diaper stuff as well. The crib is in our room, but probably won't get much use from the baby anyway. My one year old sleeps so much better by himself so we will probably just let him use the crib even though he...
I just joined, but I am having a girl. That will make 6 girls and 3 boys for dh and I.
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