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One of the adults (either me or my dh) sleeps upstairs in the kids' shared bedroom.  They are 7 and 9.  Everyone has separate beds, and sleeps separately unless there is a nightmare which is rare.  It's the size of an entire floor so each person has their own area.   My 9 year old would have been fine, I think, sleeping alone in a room when she was 7.  She hasn't asked for her own room.     My 7 year old has a really hard time with the idea of sleeping by herself....
Subbing. First I ever heard of HSP. But I am one. So is one of my daughters. Eye opening....
At birth, just happens! It's very amorphous prior...
I must have been using the moth balls for moths in the kitchen cabinet. I routinely used them to store woolens and blankets ... But ever since my neighbor complaining, I haven't used them. I guess it just got me thinking.I never know people used moth balls for something other than moths. They repel animals?
Oh lord, hubby made burgers tonight. We look like bar Arians. But happy to report we had ketchup too!
Lover of mothballs here. Until my upstairs neighbor complained he could smell them 2 stories up ?,?, is that even possible? I had one box in the cabinet.
another hubby made hot dogs over here for dinner. Does the bun count as a veggie?
My mom used a scythe to cut some portions of our (tony NY country home) lawn.
not on gods green earth would I live next to a place that uses pesticides on a large scale Don't worry about the agent. It's kind of part of the job for them. You pay therm a ton for what they are doing.
I don't use it but I favor legalization, too. For me, the few times I tried it, it made me very hungry then super sleepy -- not my cuppa. If alcohol, which has very negative effects for many people (causing deaths, injuries, violence), is legal, why shouldn't pot (whose worst effect is making you lazy and stupid) be legal. Life is hard and many people need and will find a way to relax quickly. I think many people would quit liquor if pot were legal. And the American...
New Posts  All Forums: