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I hear you OP about not being able to find friends. Sometimes there is no one around with whom you are compatible. It completely sucks. It's worse hanging with families that you don't feel good about than being alone, that's what I concluded. But both is bad. Wish I had something constructive to suggest.
I think people on the east coast have their kids much later ... I more do a double take when I see a 19 year old with a. Baby ...so young!
I used to look forward to the big oases of time I would have when I got both kids into school. But then, as soon as they were out of the house ... Bingo... My husbands job was downsized. And I had to go back to work! It's turned out to be a good thing, I went from clerk to director of the small non profit within a year. And we so need the money. But the leisurely hours cooking never happened. And now we both work full time. So .... We eat lots of semi prepared foods.
I think it weird that people you are not friends with are asking for rides. Seriously, people need to figure out their own reliable way to get to school and have back up among friends and relatives. I resent it when virtual strangers want me to solve their logistical problems just because I am their neighbor. My life is full of helping my own friends and family. We struggle to manage our own busy life -- so that is why I am so fierce about boundaries. There are...
I'd be curious to hear from the OP what happened ... It's been two years! Hope all is well
Snap, It is just so hard. I still spend a fair amount of time cleaning and just plain old chucking stuff out that accumulates in god awful piles. Compounding the issue is I like a bearish house. I sometimes den up in my bedroom over the weekends when it gets bad!
It is a necessity. My husband is almost pathologically messy plus two kids, two huge dogs, one disorganized grandmother, a cat, a working mom... Our house is a bomb without help. And I literally would have to chose between sleep and doing laundry.
The monotony killed me, and the Sisyphean nature of it all. My solutions were to socialize more and volunteer on the board of a small non profit. Both ways I was using my mind rather than losing it. I work now and am so much happier. Appreciate my home and kids more. And we have a cleaning lady.
I was vegan for 5 years. I became a lacto- ovo vegetarian, then a meat eater because I was having b12 deficiency, then once that was solved (it more had to do with my inability to absorb vits, not being a vegan) I found I had serious blood sugar issues if I didn't eat meat. I would crash every two hours and become non compis mentis. I wish I could be vegan. Or even vegetarian but as I get older I find I can't. Bottom line -- I feel like crap as a vegan.
Sounds horrible. You are way more patient then I could be. I'm sorry no answers, just sympathy ...
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