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That's just weird. I think it happened too fast to do anything. I would go back in a few days and pay the money, then never go back. It may be nothing, but who wants to find out?
I am relate to the perfectionism OP and it really really sux. It takes years to let go of -- but I've found I've passed it on to my 8 year old who frets over her grades. And OH how I relate to the abject misery of the long days home alone with small kids. Kids whom you love and would rather die than be apart from ... But the endless monotony. I honestly don't know how I lasted through that time. I too had pp hormonal issues but didn't know it. Hang in there. Honestly no...
Met a queen Slept in a brothel Worked as an electrician Had a dozen guinea pigs as pets at one time Had a private audience with the Dalai Lama Visited death row Wrote a travel guide Worked on a locked psych ward Had a pet flying squirrel Been stalked Dug ditches for pay Ivy League graduate It's funny all these unusual things happened but don't quite capture who I am ... A regular person just going through the day
I would suggest turning part of the living room into a separate room for one of you. Use a bookcase. That way, you each can have a place for your stuff ... Even if you co sleep at night.
I once ran a red light because I was afraid the traffic behind me wouldn't stop in time on the slick roads. This was in NYC., with tail gaters. I plead to the judge, and he let me off. He and I were the only white people in the DMV courts that day and honestly, in retrospect I wondered if that is why he let me off.
I second writing a thank you letter if you get a rejection. I recently didn't hire someone, got a thank you that was polite but not weird. And so ... When my original hire bombed, I called the woman up who I had originally rejected. Should of hired her in the first place! Also, cold calling is welcome as long as you follow up and send a resume and then don't pester. Ill file a resume and go back to it later when I need someone ... Saves me the work of placing an ad. And...
4 pregnancies, 2 kids. Grateful. And praying I never get pregnant again (we're older ... Couldn't handle it...but late conceptions run in my family)
I like rightkindofme!
My husband inhales / sucks when he inserts his food. He also will extend his tongue out of his mouth at the same time It's just too weird and makes me feel ill. He often eats with his mouth open. I used to get mad but then I saw how the rest of his family ate! Horrible, I often will eat on my own because it grosses me out so much.
New Posts  All Forums: