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If all Americans are forced to have insurance, and most comply rather than pay the penalty, the cost per person will ultimately drop. This is the premise the entire program is based on. Healthy people will be forced to get insurance even if they never use it. They will in turn help fund the insureds who are ill. Additionally, the high societal cost of people not being able to afford routine, preventive care will be eliminated. For me, with my DH,s job and therefore...
So fun. I feel bad for my kids we are so protective.
I rode on the roof of our station wagon, hanging on to the rack, for about 2 miles into town. Curvy back roads, 25 miles per hour. I was 13. I just thought my mom was being nice. It was the early eighties.
Yup, my parents made me sleep in the hall outside their closed door. WTF?? I would have night terrors and scary hallucinations and be stuck out on a freezing hallway with just a scratchy thing rug to sleep on. Pretty terrible. I can't imagine doing that to my kids!
We have a family bedroom (each person has their own bed on the floor in our giant open attic). My 6 and 8 year old know they can jump into my bed when they are scared. To me, it is a very fundamental thing I can offer. It doesn't happen much but I feel glad to give it. I do usually send them back to their own beds because I am a light sleeper and besides, I am literally in the room anyway.
I had to drop my 8 year old at school today. The teachers and principal were looking very, very raw. I took the shootings very hard as a parent. I can't imagine what is would be like to also process this emotionally as a teacher. And, as one teacher said, how do we answer the kids' questions when we don't have the answers?
I am devastated.
Awwww.... Doesn't the body build up immunity? Is it possible your kids won't be reinfected?
I say if your job would just be icing on the cake for your household income DO TAKE the dreamy job and save the pittance. Get going on the retirement and college fund. You want to start out with something you love because it will be worth the hassle. Then as they get older build on that and get a better paid position as the kids are older.
I second having expectations in writing and quantifying it. Also taking initiative is an acceptable index to include. Do quarterly evaluations and document everything so if you let her go its easy to explain why.
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