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We do zero to one extra curicular activity for my 5 an 8 year old girls. We offer and they'd rather stay home and play. I'm glad because with she and I working full time it would be hard. But is do it if they showed interest. The one thin we did for a year was weekly pottery class. And in summer we do more because camp doesn't file all their time and my husband is off from work. Hth.
I wouldn't worry about it. We also use Skype to have video chat with family. You can keep the computer in a public place and watch them as they use it. At a certain point as they get older you do have to teach and then trust. As scary as it is we do lose total control as they mature. I think you won't be so afraid of it as they are older and you see they are mature and sensible. Webcams have a bad reputation. But at least in our family they are wonderful ways to...
You can start chess. My kids like it. I learned it as I taught them. Addictive. Also traditional bingo. Backgammon.
Mille Bourne Great cheap card game.
We had them too last year. And same story we got the last doses. They do reoccur. We required three treatments one round then two the next. I was told the company no longer saw a profit. I believe you can order them in Canada. So get a written script and full it on an online pharm. there are other meds. But this one is good with NO. SIDE EFFECTS.
I think this method is very sound. I used sterilized flat nosed tweezers to get the core out by gripping and pulling,upwards.. We did the lidocaine spray too. You may have the odd one popping up but if you pull them out, they won't come back eventually. I used to tell my daughter, the sooner we pull them out, the less new ones will appear. FYI we found that they were non contagious to other family members. We didn't share towels or clothes, but we also didn't change...
Omg! Mobile platform!?! I can't tell you how much more I would use this site if I could read it on my first gen iPad and or iPhone I have about a 30 sec load for an MDC page on my iPad. It shows my dedication to MDC that I just didn't completely drop out. But it sure cut down my visits and participation. Hooray!
I would have insisted she take the day off. That really is on you, she was trying to help you, that said, she sounds unreliable in other ways. I will look for a new nanny, give her severance, and move on. People aren't thinking clearly around deaths or emergencies. Sometimes you have to insist on the rational course to help them out. No job is worth missing a funeral for. It sounds like you and your husband have high pressure jobs and need to have a back up plan. ...
What about the well being of the two little girls? Barring extreme circumstances, someone that ill -- high fever and pneumonia for christ sake- should not be moved! And what about the well being of your baby? Pneumonia in a baby I would think all the adults, your husband's X included, would do everything to avoid. It is pretty darn hard not to spread an illness when you,ve got little kids coughing and feverish ... I feel bad for all concerned. Hope everyone is on the...
Bumping up this thread... They've just recommended expanders for my eight year old whose teeth are too big and are blocking her canines from coming in. They say it is to avoid extraction That seems like a lot of expansion ...the distance for two big teeth to fit in her jaw? ... Is that safe??
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