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We are done with it. Took a couple of years' never severe, but persistent. Once and a while I see a stray one and nab it. I for one doubt how contagious it is ... Only one person in our very busy household.
I totally agree. Most kids movies are such dreck. You captured all the reasons I hate them, too. There are some good ones ... Totero comes to mind ... But otherwise a wasteland.
Gee, I hope it's legal because I think letting older kids drink a little with family is a much better scenario than their first experiences being out and unsupervised. And I personally think alcohol is a net negative in our culture. But it is such an integral part of life, gotta face it.
Forgot to mention, I work at the library, and I am thinking of starting a lego club.
I kinda think it's awesome your son is into legos and has no exposure to TV.   But I get how limited the sets are and how expensive they can be.   Here's what we've done when there is a toy that my girls want but we don't *agree* with the consumerist attitude that is developing - the entitled to everything emotion.   We tell them, it's OK to get it, but they have to PAY for it.  Wow, does that slow it down a lot.  My girls have both saved their allowences...
Jen-- That is fantastic.  I wondered how you all were doing. My daughter is in the extra reading class.  At first, the only problem was she felt very anxious about it ... it was the FIRST time she's confronted a major weakness.  She's so skilled in everything else -- or she avoids it.  She was crying and complaining the first couple of weeks, but my husband and I basically told her at this point, it is necessary and the school won't let you leave the reading class...
BTW, just checked, the CDC unequivcally says NO lyme is transferred during breast feeding. :)
Oh, momma, I feel for you.  Especially as a mom who's had lyme -- you do HAVE to take care of it and 4 weeks is the minimum w/an embedded tick.   Not to scare you -- but have you ruled out that the bacteria doesn't get transmitted by breast milk?  I've never heard that it has, but I would want to rule it out.  Those little lyme buggers get into everything -- they got into my brain.     I did eventually get rid of it entirely, but (because I had very delayed...
I would trust your gut that she is working on things related to your family situation.     I would try not to be too concerned.   But if you feel she might need a neutral outlet, take her in for a couple of sessions of play therapy with someone you trust.  It's basically a safe modality for "letting it out" with a caring, trained adult.  I am not saying your daughter is unusual or pathological.  It's just an option people don't tend to consider.  We had issues with...
I think I would just say "I love them all."
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