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Well....after putting the pieces to the puzzle together regarding my sons rash and swollen lymph nodes...it is a possibility he was bitten by a tick! The rash was the classic shape (bulls eye), which he got in March, and just a few days ago...I found a tick in his hair *grrrrrr* (recently went for a hike in the forest). Guess a visit to the homeopath is in order. Anybody else have had tick bites? On the internet it is all worse case scenario that it's lyme's disease.
The orthodontist says he has a crossbite and wants to give him a retainer to wear. What are the chances he will grow out of this without having to spend the $$$$$$ on a retainer. TIA
The little bump on his bottom is no longer swollen, just red, so it is healing. Otherwise, he is healthy and happy. Is there anything I can do naturally to get rid of the swollen node?
My ds has a very painful lymph node in his groin today. He has had a little pimple like red bump on his bottom for a few days as well. Could this be causing this? A few days ago a lymph node was swollen in his neck...that is gone now. Now it's moved to his groin. TIA
Well after further investigation, I took another look at the swollen gland in the groin area. There is bruising and I asked my ds what happened....he said a boy at school kicked him there last week. It is quite painful to the touch, can your glands swell b/c of trauma?
My 8 yo has a swollen lymph gland just under his ear and one in his groin and are painful to the touch. He doesn't have any sign of coming down with a cold/flu, etc. Should I be concerned?
Well ladies, looks like AF has finally kicked in. Thanks for listening to my madness! I wish you all wonderful pregnancies and beautiful babies. Take care. :
Congrats! Yes, we are in the same boat. I'm 43 and we definitely weren't planning on anymore! Did you have any spotting or back ache?? All the best with your pregnancy.
Haven't seen the doctor yet. I think I"m going to just wait it out and see if it reappears. My lower back is still very achey as well my lower abdomen seems to have a funny sensation at times. My feet and hands have been burning up at night and I have been very thirsty for cold cold drinks. I usually wouldn't be worried that I'm pregnant b/c DH and I always use protection, except one time this month we didn't have condoms and did the withdrawal method. So if it...
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