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Can you suggest what type of homeopathic treatment for this?
My son has come down with a rash between his fingers. It's red with little fluid filled bumps and also very dry and itchy. Any ideas?
Rach, thanks for your advise. I thinking, the cavities that are visible right now, I will have them filled. The other "hidden" ones, I will wait on. And...the tooth that is presenting problems at the moment (saw the x-ray, the root is infected) will have to be yanked. Take care.
Cavities and Explaining Needles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Took my seven year old boy to the dentist and they took x-rays. Says he has 8 cavities, including one tooth that must be pulled (which I can see with my own eyes and that one must be pulled..constantly getting food caught in it). The cavities that showed up on the x-ray are not visible to the naked eye are deep inside between the teeth. They are saying...
Sorry...going to start a new thread.
Hello, I have a hiatel hernia and would like to chat with others who have this problem as well. Like to compare notes on what treatments options you have choosen, etc. Thanks, Deb
Well.... AF showed up on time today. That's ok, we weren't trying for another one anyways. But of course, if I was, it would be a blessing. Thanks to all for your advice! Good luck and all the best.
I'm really curiouse now....for those who had (or know of someone that had) soooo many negatives tests...did you (or they) know they're having a boy or a girl?
Hi...me again, Well I've taken two prego tests and they are negative (except when i cheated and re-used the test a couple times (and I know by that time it is very inaccurate). My period is due tomorrow...so we'll see if it shows up. Kinda got a backache today and feeling tender in the abdominal area, PLUS, i've been feeling very bloated for the last week (nice). I'll keep you posted!!
Hi again, Well, yesterday I had slight bleeding (only noticed when I wiped) and now it is totally gone. My CM was very thick (like when you ovulate). So my next and last question (I promise), is when can I test? My period is due on Tuesday, but can I test sooner? TIA
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