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Congratulations!!! Good For You. Well I Wish You All The Best. Take Care.
I'm having light bleeding 5 days before I'm supposed to have my period. Also, my temperature has not dropped (as it would normally do the day of my period). It is 99.0 and usually is 98.4. Was your temperature elevated during this time. Are you prego?
Thanks for all your responses. Well... My temp is still elevated 99.0. Digestion not back to normal. Very sore breasts. Have light bleeding today. Not supposed to have period for another 5 days!! This is all new to me, I've never had irregular periods. Anyone else have bleeding and still found out they were pregnant?
Hi, We are (or thought) we were finished having kids. But I have had these strange symptoms over the last week...and I need to know if any of you had something like this early in pregnancy. 1. Bloated stomache 2. Heavy feelings in stomache (like a rock) 3. Can't eat much food. 4. Elevated temp of 99.0 Didn't have any of these symptoms with my first two, except the elevated temp. TIA
Does anyone know of a good homeopathic Dr. in Langley, BC? TIA
I haven't breast fed for about 1.5 years. I noticed I can still express a small amount of milk on one side. Is this normal?
Thanks everyone for your responses. AF did show up this afternoon. Take care!
I took the clearblue easy test. With my first two boys, I tested positive the day my period was due.
Thanks! Just curiouse, since your hormone levels were low...are any of you having a girl?
Hello Ladies, Did any of you test negative the day you missed your period...and then test positive a few days later? I was due for my period yesterday and took a test today and it was negative. TIA
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