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Just curiouse. My little guy weighs 20 lbs and has been that weight for a while. I have never kept track of his weight really, but I do remember him weighing this a month ago. My sister punched in some numbers on another site and it says he's in the 10% percentile for weight. Should I be concerned? He eats great, looks good and is a happy little guy.
Hate to sound like a broken record, but how are your one year olds sleeping?
My little man turned one on the 26th. He started walking on his birthday, says "mama, dada, light, teddybear, kittycat, hello, hi, auntie, etc. etc. I'm sure he's about 22 pounds, thank goodness he's walking, it will give my back a break from carrying him. He's usually in bed at 9:00 and then up around 4:30 for milk and then up for good at 6:00. Happy Birthday little ones!
I'm back. Well....this so called heat rash is now all over his face, chest and starting to go to the back area. Gosh...I'm starting to think it's Roseola??? He's never had heat rash in his life until now, why would it just start now if it is heat rash? I'm going crazy!
Well his fever lasted three days. The day after his fever broke, he woke up really, really cranky and crying. Grabbing at his mouth. We noticed a rash developing on his head and forehead. I paniked and took him to the doctor. Doctor checked his ears, throat, breathing. Everything checked out and he chaulked it up to teething. Poor little guy has a bunch of teeth coming in. The doc said the rash was a heat rash (we have no air conditioning). He also said to try...
Is it safe for him to have a fever over two days?
He's had a fever of 101.5 for the past couple days. Even shot up to 102 last night. Has diaherrea and chomping on his fingers at times. He's a bit quiet but still shows a smile and plays a little bit here and there. Today he is a little more cranky than usual. Something tells me it's his teeth, but alot of sites on the internet say they don't get fever with teething. If it goes into day 3, should I really be concerned?
Her story is a lot like my brother in laws situation. He has already had to have a corneal transplant on one of his eyes. He still can't work to this day. Aweful.
My brother-in-law had it done. His life has been a nightmare ever since. I would suggest visiting surgicaleyes.com, it will make you think twice!
Yep, have tried hylands, boiron and another homeopathic remedy. They work great during the day when the pain isn't to bad. It seems during the night the pain is REALLY bad and the only thing that works is Tylenol. But believe me, I only give it to him as a last resort.
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