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Thanks everyone for your great advice. I've tried a pacifier...hated it. I've tried sleeping in the same room...but he woke up every few minutes to see if I was there. Tried sleeping with him...but wanted to suck all night. Soooo...the past few nights I've been sleeping in another room. When he first wakes up, I go in and and comfort him w/o breastfeeding (depending on how tired I am). I have had to give him Tylenol the other night because he was grasping his...
I'm a mom of a 4 yo and a 11 mo. My 11 mo has been waking up 4 times during the night and won't sleep for more than a hour during the day. I'm assuming it's b/c of teething, as he cries with his hands in his mouth and is chewing on everything. My husband is out of town for a couple of weeks as well. So, it makes things a little harder b/c I don't get a break. I know he's in pain, but during the night, I find it hard, really hard b/c I'm so exhausted. I never...
Quote: Originally Posted by CraftyMommaOf2 How big is your kiddo? He's 42 pounds, quite tall.
Looking around for a booster seat for my 4yo ds. What is your opinion on this one? Is there a better one out there that you have? TIA
Hi, My 4 yo has had those little bumps since a baby. I found by giving him some omega 3 oils in the diet, they will disappear. Of course, 9 months old is to young to give it to him directly, so just include it in your diet and he'll get it through your breast milk. HTH!
I know what you mean about the "my" time. I also have a 4 yo ds as well. If I could get a good nights rest, then I could function better. It's amazing how sleep deprevation affects your whole outlook on things. Another thing, he has his two bottom teeth and the ones that are coming in now are his eye teeth! I know they are the worse for cutting. But, he does eat a lot during the day and most definitely doesn't need a feeding at night. I know, because he's gone 8...
My 9 mo is wearing the whole family out. For the past month, he's been only napping for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. Also, he has been teething off and on, but things are slowly getting worse as far as sleep is concerned. For instance, last night he was in bed at 8:00, up at 12:00, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and 6:00 for the morning. My husband has been going in the room for the past week upon his first wakings. I then go in after 2:00 and bring...
Hi, Just thought I'd give you an update on the blood in stool situation. Well it does turn out that he is allergic to the beta carotene in the sweet potato. I haven't given it to him for a week now and since then there has been no blood. Just like my first son who got a bad rash with carrots, I guess it's just to strong for their little bodies.
My little guy has had traces of blood in his poop (off and on) over the past week and a bit. I have come to realize it only happens with he has sweet potatoe. It's funny, my first son had a reaction to carrots, got a really bad rash. I'm wondering if the carotine (sp?) is what's irritating him? Any ideas?
No poison being injected into my two wonderful little boys.....NEVER!
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