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A couple of years ago my dh went through a really rough time. He has always been a great father and husband until we went through a stressful time in our lives. He started picking fights, yelling at me and then he pushed me one day. I felt the same way as you do, not knowing if this was the beginning of something bigger. He didn't feel like the same man I had married. I told him he needed to get help. He went to the doctor and got medication for his ADD and an...
Hi Winnie, so happy another Mom replied. A year ago my husband and I watched a movie "Phoebe in Wonderland" on Netflix. It was about a girl with Tourette's and it showed all the different sides of Tourette's. In the movie she spits at people when she becomes upset, it is a tic. I just thought I would recommend it to you and other other TS parents :)   My dd2 sat still and read a book for her ADHD evaluation! For the first time in her life!!! Great timing kid lol. After...
Uh, a new bedframe maybe 
I honestly have never felt this way. Yes he brings in the money, but I am the one who supports him. I manage his home, his children, his kitchen, and I am there to encourage and support him every day. He is just as dependent on me as I am on him. Monetary value can not be placed on mothering; it is from our hearts and souls which can not be weighed by monetary value.
I wouldn't let him out alone until he is about 4, unless there are older children to supervise. 2 year olds still need constant supervision, they just can't make good decisions at that age.
I really think you need to mind your own business on this. If you don't like the way she is parenting or think her kid is out of control then you don't need to be friends with them. Medical neglect is a seriously accusation that would indicate that she is denying her child of life saving medical treatment, which obviously isn't the case. If the child is autistic it will be detected at some point probably when he enters kindergarten. It might also just be bad parenting of a...
I haven't been to Mothering for a long time and I specifically came on this morning to check their SN forum for this same issue. My dd2 was diagnosed with Tourette's last month and we are working on the ADD or ADHD diagnosis. I've known about the ADD for awhile now, but not bothered with diagnosing until now. The neurologist we went to thinks she has OCD as well :(. Emotional rollercoaster is definitely the right way to word what we are going through. I've looked for...
My Realtor told us that a roof guarantee literally means they have to replace it. Maybe you should look into that?
CPS will be looking for access to clean water, fresh food and sanity bathroom facilities. Composting toilets may not be their favorite but if they are clean it should be OK. I think clean and organized goes a long way with them really.
I would start with checking out a book on raising chickens from your library. When they are little you will keep them inside in a box with a heat lamp. Good luck, chickens are a lot of fun!
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