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Luper, I know you posted this in September and it is May now, but I thought I would answer anyway even if I am very late. Our Waldorf ordeal over and done and i hardly ever go on this forum now, but the only thing I can suggest is if you have not done it by now take your Child out now! She will be behind if she starts a traditional school, but if she gets extra help,either from you or a tutor and has understanding teachers (be sure to tell them exactly what kind of school...
 Please, Can any Mamas here share a great recipe for energy bars ? I'd like one using soaked nuts. I tried using a recipe but when I used soaked nuts and seeds it did not work. Thanks!
My son just started High school, 9th grade this year and it does seem he has a few hours of homework every night, often even on weekends. It has been gradual. He did not have a lot in elementary school although there was more in the 5th and 6th grades. Homework increased in middle school but did not seem that much. It was not every day and there was rarely anything on the weekend. The fact that the homework increase has been gradual was help him son slowly get used to it.
  I know what you mean. When we were at Waldorf we always felt like we were not " waldorfy" enough but at our public catholic school we did not fit in either. Most of the parents are so mainstream. Finally my child's happiness as well as his education is the most important so we stayed at the public catholic school
I think your request is reasonable.   I have tried allowing my son (14) to set his own limits, but unfortunately it is not working! Last night he took 2 hours to do homework that should have taken him about half and hour because he was constantly texting his friends. I am seriously thinking about taking away his phone and ipod and not giving them back to him until he finishes all his homework. I know he won’t  like this approach, but I feel like he is developing bad...
This is good to know! thanks so sharing!    
  My Sympathies and big hug to you!  I still remember my first meeting with my son's kindergarten teachers. They had only negative things to say about him. I was crushed, so I know how you feel! Over the years my son who is now 13, has had different teachers; some seemed to genuinely like him a lot and see the good in him, and others less so, but I never had such a horrible meeting since that kindergarten! Also it was only in that particular kindergarten where he...
   DS (13) was diagnosed with a co-ordination disorder at around 7. Since then he has greatly improved and even started to play soccer. However he is extremely tight and injured himself while playing. The physiotherapist said there was nothing wrong structurally with him and that he was just tight and needed to stretch. Anyway this is just background. He has been diligently on his own, without my prompting stretching every day. Some of you might be thinking “so what...
considering he just started conventional school and is doing well there and liking it, I'd say leave him in school.
I agree!
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