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thanks! that helped a lot!! i want to make a stuffed dragon, but i've found some other ideas, i think we'll make some paper ones for the christmas tree ds will love that! i'm going to print those patterns out and get started!
anyone know of a cloth dragon pattern i can sew for ds? he loves dragons and i'd love to make him one for christmas but the only pattern i can find online costs $12 and takes 20 hours!!!! it's really cool but a bit more than i can do right now with 2 little ones. thanks for any ideas!
i got mine!!! i think anyways, there wasn't a note or anything but people don't usually send me cool crafts in the mail for no reason it's a really cool ball, thank you mamitorres!!!!!!!! ds took off with it right away, balls are his absolute favorite thing to play with!!! thanks again!!!
we're also planning a uc birth. right now i am working on reclaiming myself and my body, after years of conditioning by society to make me think less of myself, and i think uc is the only way to go to complete my journey. this is the only decision that i can be comfortable with, i tried to make an appointment with a midwife just to talk, but couldn't go because my heart wasn't into it. i've been reading women's bodies, women's wisdom by christiane northrup and it is...
hi you might check ross if you have one nearby, i got a yoga ball with the pump for $10!! i had seen them in there before for $15-25, depending on what came with it. i ended up waiting and checking back because i couldn't find them any cheaper and really scored!!! good luck!
hi i've been weaving for a few years, i'll try to help you as much as i can if you have any questions. what are you working on?
sign me up!!!
i don't know how it is in canada, but in the us i think you can borrow a pump for free from wic, or rent one from a hospital. you might check into something like that or see if someone on here has one they might want to give away to a good cause or sell for cheap. good luck!
thanks for the replies! i ordered some books and i think once i start reading more i'll only be more confident. i've signed up on the cbirth thing, but haven't had too much time to get on there yet. i'm more concerned about the rh- than the gbs. i ordered anti-d in midwifery, i heard it was supposed to really cover it. we are focusing more on having a relaxing birthing environment rather than on the what ifs, i would never sleep at night if that was what i focused on. i...
hi, we are planning an unassisted birth for our next, which is due late may/early june. i need to narrow down the info to research. i have found a ton of websites/books on here and in the archives, but i'm afraid it's a bit overwhelming and i know i won't have time to read that much! i really need to know about rh factor, i am rh- and had rhogam without knowing anything about it when pregnant and after birth with ds. i would prefer not to have it again, but my records from...
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