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My boys are a success story. They were born at 25 weeks gestation, weighing 1lb. 3oz. and 1lb. 5.2oz. and now just turned 3. You can feel free to use their pictures and story if you'd like. I have a blog for them www.addisonandriley.blogspot.com with updates from the beginning until now.
My little guy was born 5-29-11 at 28 weeks gestation. He's still in the NICU, in an open crib and off oxygen since July 11th. Last night he weighed 4lbs. 15.8oz. He had been getting 26 calorie HMF for almost a month and just over the weekend, he was moved back down to 24 calorie fortifier. I've been pumping non stop and he's been getting nothing but fortified breastmilk. I'm starting to get frustrated with some things and I thought maybe if I put it all out to people...
Definitely get it! I very selectively vax and I was 100% on board with Synagis and I was trying to get it approved for a second year but the ped. says they don't qualify. Even with the shot, we ended up with RSV at the end of March and one DS ended up in the ER and then a 4 day hospital stay on oxygen. I can't imagine how bad it would have been if we had not had the Synagis shots.
I had a FFN that came back negative while I was having contractions. They sent me home and I came back a few hours later in labor. My boys were born the next afternoon.
CONGRATS!!!!! : Enjoy endless amounts of time with your little one
It is a great feeling, isn't it? I donated my extra milk to a few local moms and it was wonderful. I had an outrageous amount of frozen milk also. We had to buy a chest freezer just to store it. Congrats on getting your little one nursing full time!
I used the baby tub to bathe my boys twice. It was such a pain that I gave it away and our boys get baths in the sink.
We bathe our babies in the kitchen sink. We used to baby tub twice before I posted it on our local freecycle. The sink is so much easier!
I love seeing twins pics. They're all so adorable!
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