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At the most i have a couple of beers or glasses of wine a week... but usually go 2 or 3 weeks with none at all. Just when the mood strikes dh and me.
I don't think anyone is really debating that point... the gist of what i am saying is that the view of cows and other "domestic" animals we use for profit as "stupid" because they are docile is a self-serving view which allows people to not feel too bad about the way such creatures are treated in the modern world.
I think another aspect of this is which comes first, the contempt for stupidity or the exploitation and violence? I think often "superior" forces see it as their right to exploit and conquer, and because they will not or cannot understand those to whom such an approach to life is utterly alien, they perceive their victims' lack of readiness or inability to defend themselves as stupidity and inferiority. And often they must actively cultivate a view of their victims which...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola It was the dog eating it that got to me. I found some pads I put in a pitcher to soak and forgot for 2 weeks. That was a pretty nasty smell. I was thinking of this thread last night. My 7 year old would periodically pipe up with ::sniff:: "Ahhh, smell that dairy air!" I guess it was from WKRP or something like that, and I wanted to know who would think dairy air smelled all that great anyway? Wouldn't it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Madre Piadosa I thought my dd's name was original when we named her- not sure now- Shae If we had ever had another girl she would be Sage My sis named her little girl Nevalee How's that for original? My dad and stepmother named my half-brother Shay Avern. They wanted to name his sister Terri-Anne, but my middle name is Ann so they decided on Terri-Marie.
Quote: Originally Posted by cmd My DS went to school with a Millicent, often called Millie for short. That is a very uncommon name - popular about a hundred years ago, just like Eunice, Bertha, Mildred, Ethel, Enid, Beulah, etc. I can't hear Millicent without thinking of the evil fairy in the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty -- Maleficent.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pandora114 As Myself, and many other ladies have said in this thread, COWS ARE STUPID. Any creature with an iota of intelligence would lash back at someone who just whopped em on the head with a shovel, instead of looking stupidly and going "WHUH???" So intelligence is demonstrated by one's level of violent retaliation? Hmmm... i actually tend to think the opposite. Maybe the cows are enlightened. In all...
Quote: Originally Posted by HipMomma3913 Zipporah, I think that you and I have very similar ideas on modesty; but that you've given a judeo-Christian spin to it that I was lacking. It seems that you feel, as i do, that true modesty is lack of preoccupation with one's appearance, whether that preoccupation be for how sexy you look or how unsexy you look.
Quote: Originally Posted by alisaterry I've never seen the covering of my body as a result of shame. I see it as sacred and reserved for my Beloved. As my body is for mine. But eyes do not possess me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bekka Actually, this is a really interesting quote that you have (I will read the essays shortly). Alisa and I are both LDS, and in our doctrine, the act of partaking of the fruit was a necessary step in bringing Eve and Adam "into the mortal world," so that the human race could begin. We don't believe that the act was sexual in nature; we believe that there "was no sex" because Adam and Eve were "like little children". We...
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