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I had a baby at both UNC-CH and WakeMed Cary....both were wonderful experiences.  As you know, UNC = busy, lots of people, students, etc.  WakeMed Cary = a mere 3 patients (I was one of them), quiet, clean, and calm.  My WakeMed Cary experience was my 2nd VBAC, so I was continuously monitored, but I don't think this would be necessary for you if this is your first baby.  I was able to move around freely and even out of my room for a while. It was definitely less...
Dr. Jeffrey Kuller at Duke.  I had my CVS done in the Cary office but I believe he works out of other offices in the Triangle area.  I wouldn't say his bedside manner is the greatest (he's pleasant enough), but he was right-on with the procedure itself.  I'm in my third pregnancy and never had this procedure before so I was very pleased that it went as smoothly as it did.  He seemed very skilled, experienced, and confident when performing the CVS.  Hope that helps!
Thanks!  It doesn't have to be for no money, I just can't pay the usual $700+ which is the usual going rate around here.  I really just need to meet the doula and then have her there the day of birth.  Otherwise, I'm pretty much great on my own, being that this is #3   Hopefully, this baby will be "on time" because #1 was born on his due date and #2 was 4 days late.  So I tend to hang around my due date, if that helps with scheduling.
Hi there,   I am seeking a volunteer doula or doula-in-training for my 3rd baby.  I plan on delivering at WakeMed Cary end of August with a midwife and hoping this will be my second VBAC.  Please let me know if you're interested!   Thanks!
Naturestacy, I am so glad that you wrote your post and I'm so sorry you did not have a good experience.  I had a wonderful experience 5 years ago with the UNC midwives but their practice has changed.  So much so, that I've decided to take my chances and switch providers...I just feel like it's the right thing to do.  I had a very difficult time negotiating with one of the midwives over a document I needed her to sign.  It really stressed me out (I thought they are...
29 when I had my DS who has autism.  I believe it is totally genetic.    I think in general, older women are more prone to having babies with genetic abnormalities which can manifest as autism or other disorders.  That is why more genetic testing is offered to women aged 35 and older.  Also, older women are more likely to participate in fertility procedures which I think can increase chances of genetic disorders (this is what DS doctor mentioned). 
I am soooooo happy to be here!   August 27th.  3rd baby - hopefully my second VBAC!
Heat in general can cause anyone to become more agitated or anxious.  I find that when the summer months come around, and it starts to get stuffy in my house, I've learned to check the thermostat to adjust.  I get quite "annoyed" when it gets warm.  Where I live, it can become very hot very quickly.  Also, no routine for my son (i.e. school) = very tired mama!
New Balence, about 1.5 sizes bigger in wide worked great for us.
It's a red flag when a therapist, any therapist, does not allow the parent or caregiver to observe.  You should not be feeling uncomfortable waiting for your child, wondering if he is ok.  Therapists should be educated and experienced enough to deal with parent(s) in the same room.  At the very least, if your son is not up to participating, the therapist could always act as "consultant" - giving you tips and tricks to try at home.  Therapy doesn't just end with the...
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