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I am looking for a pediatric urologist that doesn't want to immediately circ my 12 year old son.  We had an awful appt with a dr in Council Bluffs today.  Need someone with good pediatric bed side manner and who doesn't think surgery is the only option for foreskin issues.  I will go to Lincoln if I need to.   
Thanks so much!!!
and looking for a non vax tolerant pediatrician. Any recommendations?
Thanks musicalm - we are moving to Carlisle. I am also already on a local yahoo list so have been watching their postings and activities for a few months now. I am not too worried about networking once we get there, just the letter of the law. I have started on my objectives for next year already and am making sure that I have all the medical/dental requirements met before we move - June and July are going to be hectic so I am trying to have my beginning of the year...
2 of my kids are over 8 - none has ever been enrolled in school in PA or any other state - PA needs a serious overhaul of their homeschool laws!
I switched to this "schedule" this year and we LOVE it - we do 3 weeks on and 1 week off - gives us a breather to get major house projects done, I do major grocery shopping that week -sometimes we are behind on a subject or two and we do work on it that week - I use that week to plan and shop for any upcoming events, birthdays etc that occur in the next 3 week block. It has made things much simpler for us.
Just found out I am pregnant with #4, due in Sept but we will be moving to Carlisle, PA this summer. Can anybody point me towards a home birth midwife in that area?
Thanks so much - we are waiting on military orders so I am sure if they come through I will have a bunch more questions. I asked dh if the kids and I could move to another state before the end of the year so we could avoid the end of year reporting I am seriously not happy about that!!
Annettemarie - THANK YOU so much for that link - that is what I needed!!!
I am watching this thread because I live in Poulsbo which makes it a 2 hour trip for me via the cost of a Ferry- I too have been wondering if it is worth it.
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