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Good luck with your move Ali! I am going to miss you and Bella. We need to hang out more before you go! (I would have choose #2 as well)
Quote: Originally Posted by leximom how much are the playdresses from the outlet usually? I got a bunch for $21 about a month ago. But I know they went down to $14 two weeks ago. I always call the outlet in Indiana. They have been the nicest and most helpful. A tip...ask for the style number when you call. That way you can look it up online and see what you are buying.
That's hilarious and makes me feel much better about my boys taking their shoes off and running around in the co-op this week!
Right now we are right around the poverty line. Dh is a grad student and his family helps us out a lot. His parents are paying off our van for us (they just received a LARGE amount of money and want to help us) and dh's grandparents send us money every month. Once dh graduates we will be living very comfortably, well at least that is the plan. Interesting poll and I think there is a connection. I see it in my family.
Congrats Meg! I am so happy for you guys. By the way, we used to know each other in Georgia. (Amy from the Cumming LLL/play group).
Thank you all for the advice. Dh is going to go to his meeting with financial aid ready to fight for a loan. We called the FAFSA people and they told us that the school makes the rules and the school can break the rules. I really can't believe we are the first family in his university to have this problem. If worst comes to worst we will ask dh's grandparents for a loan and then look into a bank loan. Sugar
Quote: Originally Posted by Finch Oh yeah. Totally. I even said if we came back from the eval and they said nothing was wrong that I'd fling myself into traffic. : I HAD to get validation that I wasn't a total hysterical nutjob. Oh my! That is exactly what I am feeling. I wouldn't throw myself into traffic, I was thinking about screaming at the eval team though.
Thanks everyone for the validation of my feelings. Karen-Thanks for the link. I think we will have a PDD-NOS dx. But that will hopefully help my mother understand that ds does not need more sleep (he gets 12 hours a night), he is not "looking for attention", and that staying with her for the summer would "straighten him out". On another note-did anyone have a fear that the evaluation would say that there is nothing "wrong" and I am just imagining everything? Sugar
I am in the midwest. We live in a college town and are lucky to have a good amount of resources. This evaluation is almost complete. They are waiting for ds's teacher to fill out some forms and they want to see these assessments. I am want some answers. I am glad I can talk here. My mom just told me ds needs more sleep and he will be better. Thanks for the hug.
How's that for a thread title! I feel like I can't talk to my family about this and dh can only listen for so long before he looks at me like I have grown a second head. We are on a waiting list for a second evaluation for ASD. The wait is over 12 months long. Holy smokes is all I have to say. Hopefully we will have this evaluation complete soon. Anyway I just got ds's assessments from a few years ago. He was officially dx'd with moderate phonological...
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