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You're not teh only one SoHappy, It took me off guard that Christa/Sandra were plotting against him already. I knew they would get to it but didn't realize so soon. Anyone catch how Ryan called Christa a bitch? I didn't think that was cool at all. I was suprised at what wusses they all were. It seems like everyone wants Rupert out, yet they hand him immunity becasue they are too scared to go against him in that in your face manner of that challenge. I am...
New to the whole pribiotics thing but doing more research. A couple of questions for you. Is this something I should be taking and giving my 17 mo. old ds on a regular basis - adn if so -do you recommend a certain brand (I'd be buying it, not making it) and dosage to give to a babe/toddler? I've looked into some brands but it seems they are more recommended for a little older child. Thanks.
ugh. I'm still very confused about what to do. I did read some of the flu shot posts on the vaccine board but I'm still confused. Listen, my ds is fully vaxed and in daycare. I conceed it might have been a mistake to fully vax. Probably with the next child I will selectively vax (- I won't say I won't vax at all because that still makes me nervous too. Esp. living in NYC and going to daycare.) But as I said ds, is vaxed, has been sick a lot (ok, now I DO feel...
My ped. recommends the flu shot for my son (17 months) - I am thinking about it - he is in daycare adn tends to get a lot of colds. Plus we just found out that he has "reactive airways disorder" after we ended up in the ER last Saturday after a coughing fit that just would NOT stop. I will also probably get a flu shot from my job since I don't want to bring home anything he can catch. What are the drawbacks? Why shouldn't I get the shot/give it to my son? Thanks!
So unfortunately when my son gets colds he gets a cough pretty quickly that can get pretty intense - although usually much worse at night when he's trying to sleep (I guess from laying down - and we do prop him up a bit so he is at an angle although he doesn't always stay that way). Saturday we ended up in the ER because he wouldn't stop a really intense coughing fit that lasted about an hour and made him throw up numerous times (or gag and choke - after a bit he had...
Yeah, I'm sure Ethan and Uma. I saw Ethan and his new woman at Crate and Barrell the other week. I know he can get quite grungy lookign but he is pretty hot -I've seen him a few times around the city (and also upstate NY) and imo is better looking in person than in the movies.
The rotation was definitely bs... either Christa didn't realize or she was lying. I'm glad they threw it - we need to see the other tribe get their morale up a little. Rupert really didn't want to throw it though and they is why they made him/he choose to sit out - because he said he wouldn't participate in purposely losing but he would watch if that is what everyone else wanted to do. Jon is so annoying - yeah, the ghetto christmas the wet dreams comment made me...
I like Nicole as an actor. I loved Moulin Rouge and Potrait of a Lady. And finally she is getting a real man - go Nicole!
Lau, Just wanted to send a hug. I'm sorry you are going through this and hope that you can figure out what is really best for you and Pea.
Yeah, Osten totally should've gone. Whiner. But I'm not surprised skinny Ryan went. Although I liked him (and I felt even sorrier for him with his speech after eviction) - he wasn't going to last too long - he wasn't to strong and did put them way behind in that swimming challenge. Drake rules. Hagrid (you just got a call him that) and Sandra for the finals!
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