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Just wanted to say Hi and good luck. I know how nice it is to meet other mamas but that it can be kind of hard to make those bonds if you are working. Anyway, besides just chatting up to people at the playground (which I always do and sometimes it takes awhile to get someones # or make a plan to get together) - it might be a good idea to take a Music or gymboree type class if you can swing it. I know our area does Music Together classes on the weekends.
I don't usually share my e-mail forwards because I know we all get too many and have probably seen them already anyway - but just got this one and I thought it was nice: moderator's note: It is against MDC copyright laws to reproduce an email into a public forum....even the bulk forward kind of emails. If you have permission from the original author you can post it. sorry~missgrl
Just got back from a ped. appt. and dr. said that my 16 mo. son should take a multivitamin with iron since his levels were low ("slightly anemic"). I used to give him these a few months ago but stopped when he started eating more because they were turning his teeth dark grey. Anyone know of any vitamins that wouldn't stain his teeth? Or alternatives to a multivitamin (he already does it a fairly good amt. of beef and spinach). Thanks!!
Libby, Well first off congrats on the new schedule and also the new home. I'm sorry you are having mixed feelings about it - but its easy to understand especially when you are still surronded by all the action of your office. But you did this for a reason and it will be GREAT to have the extra time with your DD. You are definitely making a career sacrifice though so some ambvilance on your part is understandable. However, just want to say it won't be this way...
Caught 2 episodes and liked it. I think they might move it to NBC it did so well in the ratings. AT least this week I think they are testing it after Will and Grace.
Thanks to both of you. I actually did inquire about the job but it was WAY more involved than I had assumed and I really do not have the right qualifications so it is a no go. However just this morning I found out about another job opening. It is just another assistant job - not anything exciting but maybe after 3 years of doing mine a little change of pace might be nice. And it may be a tad more money. I think I may inquire about that but only if they are willing...
Hi there. Ok, to give some background I work as an administrative assistant 4 days a week for a financial firm. I don't like my job but do like my bosses and the company and I love that at least it isn't 5 days a week. About 2 months ago a more executive asst. position opened that I know I could've have nabbed (the person even inquired of me) that would have been more money - but definitely 5 days a week - and some long days to boot. So I didn't even throw my hat in...
Thanks for the response and sympathy icxcnika! It is a bit better today but still hurting. I've had this once or twice before (before I had a baby- it stinks now because it hurts when I hold him) and it usually is better in a day. This time it isn't so bad that I can't move- but it has lasted for a few days. Maybe I'll go see a chiropracter (I've always been kind of nervous about them)- my insurance covers it. Thanks again!!
Ok, My back is KILLING me - I want to try to take something other than tylenol- is anything else safe while nursing? I'm only nursing once at night and once in the morning now- does that make a difference? Can I buy/take some Alleve? HELP
Yup, saw Household Saints and Dogfight - loved them both. She rocked in I Shot Andy Warhol too. I also got pretty upset when that other woman Nate picked up - brought him home and then kicked her son out of the room so they could have sex. Ugh.
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