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I know there are some mamas here who live there! We just moved to Nashville and are renting while we hunt for a place to buy. I would love to know what you think of East Nashville -- how it is for family life, what the neighborhood culture is like (do neighbors chat on the street, sit on the porch, are folks friendly), how safe do you feel? Do you sit out/walk around at night? What are the coolest things about the neighborhood? What are your least favorite? Thanks...
Quote: Originally Posted by annethcz I think that play-based preschool is totally consistent with homeschooling. I often joked that if I could find a preschool-like program for my older kids, I'd send them too Three hours of playing with other kids, making arts and crafts, singing, painting, playing on the playground while mom gets a break? How fabulous. This. Totally. Our preschool is play-based, very free-form and multi-age -- I wish it...
Oooh, possible pox in the Philly burbs?! How thrilling! I have a sister near Boston, and might be able to come up to MA for pox in the next couple weeks. I'll keep an eye on this thread!
Yeah, you're going to need a few bottles. OF WINE. To deal with your MIL's breastfeeding advice. Everybody is doing a great job covering the whole don't-need-water/don't-need-juice thing, so I will just say that every time I read FTM, I think "female-to-male" instead of "first-time mother."
Quote: Originally Posted by velochic There are so many crazy predictions out there about 2012. I personally don't believe it. A lot of people do, though. What are your thoughts? Does anyone have an scientific data other than Nostradamus, I-Ching, or the Mayans? Wait, you mean there's scientific data besides Nostradamus?!
Yes to all the above.
I need a schedule, or at least a serious rhythm, or I feel awful. Ditto housecleaning -- if it's not reasonably tidy I hate to go out. So I plan in a little bit in the morning, and make one or two quick passes later in the day to deal with messes as they arise. I don't know where you live or if you have a yard, but are you able to start a small garden outside?
subbing. I'm in Philadelphia and would drive up to an hour. We could have a chicken pox chain, all the way from Ohio to Atlantic City...
We don't have control over our building's heat (old radiators), and it gets HOT. But people on the lower floors are always complaining to the management about how cold it is. What works for us is to keep the storms open but the windows shut -- they're so leaky it helps modulate the temperature perfectly.
Now my 3.5yo is in preschool from 9-12, so that sets our routine a lot -- and babe is just 5 weeks so comes along whatever we're doing. Before we started with preschool, though, we did something like this: 6 am: wake up, shower, breakfast, clothes, etc 8:30 DH to work, I get me and dd ready for morning outing 9:30 Out of the house -- usually I did errands in the morning, so grocery stores or Target or post office or whatever (although once a week or so we'd go to the zoo...
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