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Here's a thinking outloud kind of question...being that I'm not that far from NH, and my insurance covers providers in all of the new england states, I wonder if I could work with a CNM from NH and have it 100% covered...
I specifically asked about CPM and made the distinction. CNM's only for "in network", and it doesn't matter for out of network. Dunno. For what it's worth the insurance person I spoke did mention that the information wasn't "readily available in their literature".
I was very specific in the questions I asked the insurance companies...so I don't know. My policy is HMO Blue New England, I don't know if it's different than BCBSMA or not, but I called back BC this afternoon to verify. As long as I get a referral from my PCP it's treated as an out of network provider - so it won't be covered at 100%, but whatever non-network is (80% for my plan). and yes, I plan on getting that in writing Also, when I first learned my dh's company...
done & done.
It's HMO Blue New England. I was told on the phone this morning that out of network would require a referral from my PCP but that "it shouldn't be a problem". Wouldn't CPMs fall under out of network? update: I spoke to two midwives in my area this afternoon and both of them say they've had several clients covered by BCBSMA with no friction. I do need to get a referral from my PCP. Sweet! Now the trick is deciding between the two of them, they both seem lovely.
My Blue Cross plan covers homebirth 100% (woohoo!), and I'm looking for a midwife in the Cambridge/Newton/Watertown/Belmont/Arlington area that is in the blue cross network. The way it sounds when I spoke to BC/BS this morning is that it's much easier to go through a network CNM, but that I can get a referral authorization for a midwife that's out of network? If anyone has done this, I'd love to hear from you, and see if it's as easy to do that and get payment as they...
Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know that I will no longer be participating on MDC (100% voluntarily) due to a certain policy that they uphold. I'm reachable via myspace (dynamohumm6), email (dynamohumm6@gmail.com). I'll miss you guys, hope to hear from you.
Me too. Especially nighttime. The lazy comfort marathon nursing, the constantly groping hands, I want to crawl out of my skin. *sigh*
love that picture of istra, she's just adorable!! I love the wispy baby hair. So there was this big HIV/Circumcision article on MSNBC front page health last week, and I wrote a comment about it...they did a follow up article and quoted me. Kinda cool...I didn't even know until I saw it posted on the CAC board. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17520298/
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