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Thanks PGTlatte! Good advice! I will check into that program. We gave up on HWT over a year ago because it was putting me *me* in tears!    You hit the nail on the head: I want to get handwriting tolerable. 
My son, 8 1/2, has dysgraphia. He has been in OT for years and it is something that he struggles with daily. He is easily frustratable, and is unfortunately not one of those kinds of kids who will just keep at something until he can do it. I have tried everything under the sun to encourage him, not just writing sheets, but writing giant letters in the sand at the beach, playing writing games, etc.    I have backed off considerably, but it is still a source of power...
I've been doing some research on food dehydrators, and I'm at a loss. I had a cheap one years ago, but everything came out tasting like plastic, so I got rid of it.   I'd like to spend less than $100. I'm looking at the Nesco.   Can anyone tell me what they have and what kind of plastic the trays are made of? I'm looking to avoid BPA. I'd get a stainless steel one, but that's just not an option! 
THANK YOU!!!  You've narrowed it down nicely. And you are 100% right. It's about respectful compliance to reasonable requests. YES!   Yes, I feel he is emotionally younger than his age. He does not have ODD--he's been tested, though! I honestly don't know how our attachment could be shaky. I've done it all: BF, cosleeping, babywearing, homeschooling, etc. We are together constantly and I do my best to parent mindfully. But no, he is not neurotypical, he has SPD and...
I feel you. I am at that point too. I am the parent. What I ask of my children is not unreasonable: Clean up after yourself. Be respectful of your parents and each other.   My mantra: I AM IN CHARGE.   (And we homeschool too. I think it's a bit different when your kids are with you all day long.)  
I've tried that. When I walk away, he does too and then learns that he does not have to do anything the first time I ask. Then it turns into a big power struggle of "who's going to crack first." That has led to more problems.
  THANK YOU! Just what I needed to hear. 
Thank you, pek64. Homeschooling here is *not* the issue. Him being rude and inconsiderate is.    Thanks everyone for your great advice. "How to Talk so Your Kids Will Listen" is a favorite of mine. Perhaps I need to re-read it. But I find that some of the suggestions in there are a little too abstract for my son. I feel that I usually get better results when I ask him directly to do something. And yes I do "wait for the bus" and stand there expecting him to comply. And he...
BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My 8 yo son has always been a strong-willed limit-pusher. I've recently found some success with the book "Setting Limits With Your Strong Willed Child." BUT--the back talk from him is really getting to me. I try to ignore it, not engage him in the power struggle (the "family dance" the author calls it). But that leaves me feeling angry and bitter that someone is slinging verbal insults at me all day (we homeschool).    I try to speak with kindness and respect, asking...
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