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We ar broke, have 4 kids and 2 puppies and live in a rental with carpets everywhere. We cannot live without a vacuum. First, depending on what you have to work with, Canadian Tire and some other retailers have dirt devil featherlight vacuum running as low as 40$ it takes a beating, constant daily use and works. Maybe not as well as the vacuums of my dreams, but enough to keep the floor clean. The other option I would say if you have more money to work with is sears....
My 5.5 year old still wants to rearface, but is 46lbs, so cannot. If we had higher rf limits I would have them rf until about 6 or somewhere around there. However I do NOT have petite kids and so about 4 is when they would seem to outgrow radians rf.
my 4 year old who rearfaces, sits criss cross apple sauce, but I haven't had an old enough boy to see if they would do that...good job in keeping him rf so long !
The law here is minimum 8 years old or 80 lbs or 4 foot 9 inches. Mine will be in a child seat until at least the minimums of the law. Right now they are all in convertibles, My 4 year old rearfacing, 2.5 year old rearfacing, 14 month old rearfacing and 5 year old harnessed forward facing. I know some who don't even have their kids harnessed at 2, I know some who forward faced at 6 monthes, I know some who skip the car seat altogether. these are parents who love their kids...
I haven't, but I have been mindful in the past, sometimes I have wanted to vent about something in TAO and have stopped myself on the off chance someone IRL would read it and read it the wrong way.
Quote: Originally Posted by texmati Laundry?dirty is suposed to all go in the laundry pile in the basement and is 90%of the time. clean is often in baskets , but washed and dried, just not put away Floors? washed /vacuumed everyday. Still never seems clean enugh, but done everyday, with steam cleaner and vacuum Dishes? usually a days worth rinsed but dirty in sink/beside(no dishwasher) closets? mostly usable, making good use of tupperware...
Happy Birthday to your Mom. That post is so thoughtful, you are lucky to have each other!
Congrats! I know pleanty of people who have somewhat reverse timelined it....as long as you are happy who cares! Wishing you nothing but bliss!
Has anyone signed up to do this? www.reversetrickortreating.org What do you think?
I have a couple of relatives who have been accused of crimes(and convicted, and some even towards me ) But they have been mostly dumb desperate, robbery/petty thefts even car thefts to support drug habits, which definitely harm people(even my family) but have never physically harmed anyone thru rape or murder or assault or anything like that. You have my sympathies. I often wonder how i can be related to people whose sense of right and wrong just don't exist. or who...
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