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The CDC does do random survey's like that, but you can never be sure what is legit and what is a scam nowadays.  Anyhow, I'd just refuse to participate and hang up, like you did. 
Um...if someone had taken my kid out of my arms without asking me, I think any notion of civil conversation would have stopped right there. 
I don't exactly remember when it was with my girls, but my son is 13 months old and while I've had a little breakthrough bleeding and some cramping, no full-fleged AF has reared her head yet.   Ds was exclusively breastfed until about five months when he started solids, and is still breastfeeding about 4-5 times a day.  I'm pretty certain I won't get AF back until he's weaned, and who knows when that will be.
So curious - I'd have not issues getting permission from my ex to get my girls into Canada, but my son has a different father, who has never seen him (I've had no contact with him since I was about five months pregnant with ds).  His dad isn't on the birth certificate either.  I've heard that if only one parent is listed on the birth certificate, then you don't need a notraized letter? Ds's dad has a severe mental illness and contacting him could be harmful to us.
Others might feel okay with it, but for me personally, I could never be healthy in an open sexual relationship. 
I can't remember how many times I was asked, but I don't think it was many.  My first two were girls and born in a free standing birth center, so it was a non-issue.  I had my son in a baby-friendly hospital with only a special care nursery for sick/premature babies, 100% rooming in, very pro-breastfeeding, ext.  When they asked there was no pressure, it seemed like they just needed to know so they could make the proper arrangements if I was, which of course I wasn't. ...
Definitely report, and very good that you have those pictures.  What an awful thing to happen to your poor child! I agree with the PP that it may in fact be a representation of the teacher; however, IMO, it certainly calls the school into question.  There are a lot of daycares who hire inexperienced and underqualified teachers and at times put them in charge of entire classrooms.  I cannot, CANNOT stress how important maturity and education are for preschool teachers. ...
That's cool! I didn't know there was an unschooling group that meets there.  I can't unschool/homeschool (single parent) but I find that a lot of those people are more like-minded to myself (AP, ext.).  Grasslawn is very close to where I live. 
Hello! I grew up on Bridle Trails.  :D We're over in Kirkland now tho.   
Um, a 17 year old drive legally.  So, kind of nullifies a booster seat. 
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