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It's good to know, although sometimes I think nurses/medical assistants (whomever is giving the shots) sometimes get so wrapped up in their routines that they sometimes do make mistakes.  However, I know medical practice and philosophy vary from place to place.  Whatever the case, I absolutely would double/triple check with the person administering vaccines to make sure it's what you requested-nothing less, nothing more.  We do selective/delayed vaccinations because we...
  I actually grew up in Bellevue, WA.  The city has changed over the years from a rather small suburb to a quicly growing bustling city.  I wouldn't exactly describe Bellevue as crunchy per say, but if you are it's certainly accepted and people don't judge too much.  The PNW is generally "anything goes" as far as lifestyle anyway.  You might encounter a few raised eyebrows here and there, but that's about it, IME.  With that said, Bellevue is more conservative than...
Unfortunately, I don't think there is any community resource that is able to meet her need except CPS.  No other organization has the legal power to ensure proper action is taken.  It's a tough call, and I can completely understand where you are coming from, because I've been in a similar situation with a friend.  She was/is a little SN herself, and had a son that is slightly SN as well.  She seemed to have a tough time accepting that B (her son) needed help.  She would...
I think it's a very rude question to ask, and I probably would have told the person so, nicely.  She may not have mentioned it maliciously but IMO she needs to know it's not nice.  Some people really are socially clueless and don't get why people are offended by very pointed questions. 
 My 8 month old ds eats purrees of sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, apricots, apples, pears, and mangos.  We've tried a little finger food-bread and strawberries.  He only has two teeth so we're taking it slow.  He also has a tendency to get extremely constipated so I'm washing down a lot of it with prune juice.  Other than the solids, he's breastfed. 
I think the most dentists want to see the child by age one, although I personally think it's OK to wait until the child is older if there are no visible issues (discolored teeth, obvious cavaties, ext.).  My two older kiddos didn't see a dentist until they were five.  One nearly always has had cavaties and the other doesn't. 
I was 17 when I got pregnant with my now 10 year old daughter, 18 when I had her. Teen parenting is by no means an easy road, but looking at my sweet daughter, I don't regret a minute of it. I think biggest key is to just be supportive, and really listen to her. I'd be careful about choosing a counselor. Some will attempt to interject their own personal opinions into the situation, and whether meaning to or not, will attempt to sway the teen into choosing whatever they...
I'm wouldn't take a teen to the GYN unless she was sexually active. I don't think there's much need, and GYN visits can be traumatic and embarrassing tfor young girls. IMO, it's much better to have a gentle mother/daughter talk about sexuality and what the OB/GYN role is. Where available, I'd much rather take my daughter to a midwife for well-woman care. They tend to be more gentle and are able to take more time to talk to their patients.
I had mild/moderate morning sickness with both my girls. I was queasy, but not enough to not go to work. With ds, I was very nearly bed ridden, vomiting constantly, and ended up on Zofran to keep anything down. It lasted until I was about five months pregnant, give or take.
Quote: Originally Posted by Evergreen Nobody is allowed to carry a newborn out of our hospital. Even adoptive parents bringing their babies home have to use a wheelchair. This is not always true. My friend carried ds out of the hospital in his carseat. I walked out beside them.
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