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Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan I'd tell her flat out that DD won't be with her alone until DD is able to get home on her own because of A, B, and C things that happened, but you'd love for MIL to come with you guys to the park to play on date X. This. I'm really, really not into cutting people out of your life unless it's an absolute necessity-especially if it's family. So far it sounds like your MIL probably does have a few mental...
If you file a religious exemption in accordance with SC law you can still receive TANF to my understanding. Also, the document you linked provides no provision for "drug testing", only for "substance abuse screening". No states drug test for welfare that I'm aware of-although it has been hotly debated. Likely the "screening" only refers to a series of questions about current or past abuse, and if the applicant denies usage, it will be noted, filed, and no longer talked...
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire Whooping cough was nearly eradicated? Do you have a source on that? I understood it to be consistently endemic. I think that's what's funny about the doctor's comment-the only disease declared to be eradicated by immunization is smallpox. All of the other diseases are still occurring, albeit in smaller numbers, but still there nontheless.
FWIW the school can't mandate counseling. I can understand why you would be concerned about pressure to do it. However, it sounds as if you son may be able to benefit from it, especially if he has anxiety issues. There are counselors that are very good at teaching kids effective coping skills to deal with anxious feelings.
I agree. Either send of a nicely worded email or have a quiet, private that with the teacher highlighting your concerns.
You did the right thing. I personally would have told meat mom that she had X amount of time to tell her or I would be telling her myself, but that's just me. Either way, vegan mom needed to be told. This isn't drama really, it's about trust and respect for other people's parenting choices. Meat mama needs a lesson in boundaries.
I would call CPS immediately, and possibly gone outside to take a picture of the license plate the man was driving. I can't help but wonder where is that you went that people were so callous and uncaring to an obviously violent and abusive situation? I'm pretty sure all medical staff in every state are mandated reporters.
I have seven years between dd#2 and ds. Dd#1's labor was 9 hours of actual labor (after about 10 hours of pre-labor ctx, all very mild and not very painful). She was 9lbs 5oz so it took awhile to get her out. Dd#2 also had about 10 hours of very mild ctx followed by 2 hours of very hard labor w/ a premature urge to push around 7cms. My midwife just held my cervix open while I pushed through it, ended up at 10 and dd was born about five pushes later (she was 7lbs 6oz,...
Oh, just wanted to add-I use Carlson's. I had no idea Trivosol was gross like that-I'm glad I never tried it!
If his paternal rights were terminated, then he no longer owes support since he has no legal obligation to support the child. Provide a statement as such, and if they press, provide the documentation. It should be no issues. It's interesting the FL goes after the non-custodial parent when the custodial applies for food stamps; it's not like that in every state. In my state, all they want is the income of everyone in the household. They don't care about the other...
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