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I wouldn't ever sign anything that states I am putting my child in danger, ever.
We selectively vaccinate, and this is one vaccine I got for my girls. Tetanus is not something I'd like to mess around with.
Meh, I've barely read any research on this one, but I'm supplementing based on a few factors. #1-some research has shown that higher Vit. D levels may be a factor in avoiding the flu. #2-My ds is very pale (he has a different father than my girls; they have an olive skin tone, he does not) and we live in the PNW, which doesn't get much sunlight during the year. #3-I'm try very hard to make sure my diet is rich in nutrients, but I'm wheat and dairy intolerant so some...
My older kids were never offered the test, that I can remember. I will certainly ask my pediatrician about it when my ds turns one year old. We aren't high risk (we live in apartments that were built in the 1980s, no other risk factors) but I'd still feel better knowing rather than not.
I am very surprised to hear that a DCP who handle a charge's penis beyond the length of time it takes to run a baby wipe over it quickly. I used to work at a preschool and if one of us ever took enough time to retract a boy it would have looked very suspicious. With the amount of sexual abuse scandals going around I'm really shocked that daycares would expose themselves to so much liability.
I haven't heard of this in the US. In China and India I believe against the law to reveal the gender because boys are preferred over girls. I think it's a poor choice personally. If you are there for medical reasons anyway it seems punitive.
I can see being required to provide ID, but being fingerprinted, photographed, and all that jazz is a total invasion of privacy. They are right to be concerned-no one will want to resale in that case. Donations to charity would increase substantially I would imagine. Also, it wouldn't reduce crime much. People who are intent on selling stolen items will just take it to another city where the rules are more lax.
Being that it's a private school the law is very gray. Check your state's exemptions. I believe that if they receive any public money they do have to accept it. That may be your only recourse. Unfortunately I doubt that presenting research will change their minds much.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marnica Not sure what type of battle you are in....but is a "battle" necessary? Exactly what I was thinking....does this battle happen to be with your children's other parent?
If the vomiting is really bad, I can see taking it during labor so you can keep food down and preserve energy. However, Zofran causes wicked constipation for a lot of people (I had mild HG with my son, took Zofran, and ended up having to use enemas for a few months so I could clear out completely), and that's probably not a problem you want to have postpartum.
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