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Quote: Originally Posted by Marnica all states require lead testing for kids on medicaid. Beyond that only certain states have laws in place. You can check here http://www.waivedleadcare.com/check-...uirements.html Ive never heard of a dental screening law! Actually, not all states require lead testing for kids on medicaid. I'm not quite sure why that website says they all do..because it's not required (in my state) to get coverage at all. ...
Wow, do they require this stuff for school? In my state all I had to do was sign the vax exemption form (we do selectively vaccinate, but didn't at the time so I just exempted for everything). I don't remember anything about a dental exam, physical, and definitely nothing about a lead screen.
I'm glad I found this thread, because my ds (almost six months) does this too! He's scratched me a few times as well as his own face. A nursing necklace sounds like a good solution. Occasionally I'll give ds my nursing pad to hold and that helps a bit.
I don't see the point in grounding him either, since he was already punished. I'm iffy about the "no cell phone" rules in school because of widely publicized cases of schools trampling parents and students' rights-unless the cell phone use was taking place during classroom time. That I have a problem with. Regardless, I wouldn't ground him for such a minor infraction. At this age, there are bigger fish to fry, IMO.
Well, to be honest, most MDs aren't exactly up to par when it comes to breastfeeding information. Our society likes to view MDs as a "catch all" person to go to for advice about everything baby-associated..but in reality MDs are just that, medical doctors. The majority of their training is focused where it ought to be: on diagnosing and treating medical issues/disease. Some MDs might be well educated on other subjects, but it's not a guarantee (even for pediatricians). ...
Seeing that it's in a public place, I would go and nurse as needed. If anyone says anything, I'd explain her medical condition to them in plain, simple terms, and keep repeating it if they press. Id' also look up the law in your state (if you state is one of those where breastfeeding is specifically protected) and keep it handy.
I would never drink that amount of sugar on a empty stomach-that's just asking for issues, especially while pregnant. It's a good way to pass out or get very sick to your stomach. If I were you, I'd follow the instructions given and eat a high-protein breakfast beforehand.
I bathe ds (almost 6 months) about every 2-3 days, sometimes more. He's almost sitting unassisted but not yet crawling and getting into stuff so he doesn't get too dirty during the. I suspect we'll probably switch to baths everyday once he's able to start exploring. We do use soap-just regular old Johnson's baby wash since it's one of the few things that doesn't irritate his skin-and I use their baby shampoo because I love the way it smells.
Ditto...feet!! I kiss my little boy's feet all the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sayward Why do i sooo want another baby??! Help!!!!!!!!! I know, I'm already thinking about number 4.....but I'm no position to be (I'm recently divorced, no boyfriend/marriage prospects, won't be working until ds turns 1 year, plus I have Lupus, and issues with anesthetics used in childbirth...lol!). Still....babies are just so wonderful!! My ds is such a sweet little babe I can't help but think of more.
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