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Quote: Originally Posted by sunnmama Oh! In that case, I wouldn't like it at all. Homeworks should be something they can do alone. Some of those projects are WAY to much for 2nd grade hw. I have to totally disagree! (Not that I like doing homework with my reluctant 2nd grader!). The purpose of homework is reinforcement and to show parents what the students are doing/learning. I also like the "assign a variety of tasks that kids can...
Hey JollyGG. Couldn't have said it better. ;-)
That flight would have done me in! I've not heard of rejection of touching being related to anxiety - but we're all such complex creatures it could be so. I'd wonder about three things: 1. Germ/illness anxiety (it may not make SENSE that she can touch you in play, but anxiety isn't logical) 2. General "getting older" separation stage (that hopefully is short-lived) 3. Is she angry at you (or at something else and projecting it on to you?) The third one is...
Not quite NoVa or MD, but Jane Squires (eastern panhandle of WV in Martinsburg) is incredible. She let her IBCLC lapse but is taking the test again soon, so I'm sure she will be again. She's been a lactation consultant and childbirth educator for over 10 years after 20 years as a labor and delivery nurse. I'll pm you her email address if you'd like.
Quote: Originally Posted by BetsyNY You need to sleep, mama. Sleep deprivation is serious! It makes people crazy, literally losing-your-mind crazy. Falling apart, as you put it....You're no good to your babes if you can't function. I was there four years ago. I wanted to know how to be committed (the constant anxiety/panic... horrendous). A kind friend told me that the horror of being admitted for psych eval via the ER was NOT going to help...
Dang! And I thought this thread would tell me the perfect therapy option for an anxious, gifted kid! ;-)
O, do any of you live near me? I could so use a "real face" to discuss these issues with. Seriously, anxiety has been part of my life and my son's, and we are able to be nominally "functional," but posts like this make me feel less alone and give me ideas and some direction about possible options. No solutions or ideas that haven't been mentioned above, but we are out here too - looking "functional" to the outside world but fighting anxiety every day.
Continuing along with the hijack to shoe/sock issues.... I alternate between being a "nurturing mom of kid with sensory issues," and the "OMG your feet STINK! You just need to wear socks, dang it!" Steph, I'm with you on that. I feel like I just met my cyber-sister. It just feels awful to "force" our children to do something that feels BAD to them - regardless of the reason. Yes, sometimes we need to change car seats or get shoes that fit or wear socks to gym class. ...
Sounds like a good time to call her out "sick." (Sick of boring test prep). Send her in for the testing days (can't avoid those) and do fun stuff outside of that. If (like me) your work schedule doesn't allow that, send in lots of books to read when she's done and hands in the tests. And finally, it could be worse: http://www.fredericknewspost.com/sec...StoryID=102224
O geez. We use Pulmocort and Singulair. I don't think either one of them is an issue by itself, but given my son's predilection toward anxiety... I need to start thinking about balancing asthma/cough with anxiety/sensory issues.
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