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AWE! You are not crying alone! That was beautiful!!! So amazing that LOVE has no language barrier!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by seaheroine Oh FFS. Will it never end? For real! Such a horrible article, and the headline, are you kidding me!?!?! wth!
lmfao... eww!
Yes, it totally makes sense. Thanks. Custody battles and all the bull$H!T that goes along with them are never happy!
Yes, ironic for sure... I have never heard of a "Right of First Refusal" though. How would this be worded or placed into a time sharing court order?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ione And what is the reason you guys refuse to add a ROFR? Refuse to add a ROFR? That is a new one for me, what exactly does ROFR mean in actual words,
Quote: Originally Posted by Lexibaby We filed a contempt of court against her but they court date isn't for another month. You posted this while I was typing up my post.... this is ALL you can do for now. There is nothing more you can do, other than keep trying to contact her/the child(ren) and documenting EVERY SINGLE INTERACTION THAT DOES HAPPEN!!!
Calling LEO will get you no where!!! It is a civil matter and local PD as well as Sheriff dept will not get involved UNLESS there is a court order specifying that they are to get involved! As for what you can do... take her to court. If there is a court order stating he has time sharing on XXX date-XXX date and etc then he has the right to these dates with the child(ren). You can do all the paperwork yourself. Most counties have the necessary paperwork online...
So, I want to know... for those who *did* do this program... how bad did it hurt? Were you massively sore the next day and did it really hurt/burn to proceed?
Quote: Originally Posted by serenbat you may want to look into natural fever reducers (many work faster than drugs anyway) for next time- we don't do meds here either One thing I know of that will drop a fever like crazy is a tsp of vinegar... yeah, sounds waaay nasty, but it works. The biggest reason we do not use OTC meds to 'reduce' fevers: Fevers are produced by the body for one reason... TO FIGHT OFF INFECTION. when you reduce the...
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