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Quote: Originally Posted by sellendie I posted my before and after pics, you can view them here (if it works): OH.MY.G*D!!! Really?!?!?! That is what your body transformed from-to in ONLY 90 days?!?! You are Smoking Rock Hard! See, now I bought the two DVDs from ebay for my son, but holy WOW, after looking at your photos, I am inspired!
So pleased to have found this thread! Totally subbing!!! I am uber excited to share and read Hooping stories! I have one question for everyone though.... how much weight/inches/clothing sizes has anyone lost with JUST HOOPING?
Hi ladies!!! I came to MDC to see if there was an P90X or INSANITY threads, came upon this one. My son (15 in July) has been wanting the P90X for about a month. I have been wanting to get JB (my partner/husband) the INSANITY workout for many months (probably 6-8 mo) now. They are both pretty pricey for us at this time. However, I did just win two bids on Ebay for two of the DVDs for the P90X. Before I go spending any significant amount of $ for the box...
"WE" do not give Tylenol or Motrin at all in our home for fevers. My 14yr old was sick a couple weeks ago. He had the flu, crazy fever and vomiting. I did give him one IB (adult) for his horrific headache and neck pain, NOT FOR THE FEVER. I have no clue just how high his fever was at any given time, never took his temp. I would venture to say it was well into being 103-104 or even more, he sure was ON FIRE!!! In fact, I could not even begin to tell you where...
Papaya enzymes are great!!! An old wives tail... teaspoon of vinegar.. dunno how or why it works, but IT DOES!
Congratulations to you and yours! Happy babymooning! What a beautiful birth story, thank you for sharing it with all of us, such a blessing!
Loving reading this thread!!! I wanna know... how do you all freeze your foods.. OBVIOUSLY in the cold freezer! but in what do you freeze them in... containers, wraps, ect.
During my own birth.. guess my, well my mothers birth is in some sort of medical text books now... had placenta separation, sever meconium (sp?) in my lungs, etc. During the birth of my 1st son... He had his cord around his neck 3X (so tight that during my E-c/s the dr had to insert instruments INTO my uterus to cut his cord in order to get him out of me). I had been a complete 10cm for 2 hours, transfer via 911 to hosp from birth center. Hum... guess that's it...
Wow, you are an amazing woman! I have not read past your post, must get off an get the girls ready for bed. I will return to read the rest of this thread when I can. Wanted to say what an INSPIRATION you are. I did not cry reading your words until I got to the part where your mom and dad set aside their differences with one another to become a whole for you! Wow! I am still in tears as I write this. Bravo to you for writing and sharing your story. Thank you!
I was just outside talking with our neighbor.... for all of you that may not remember or were not around...... I use to care for my DH gma... she at the time I cared for her was 100-102. She would have been 104 on the 16th. Anyway, times got hard and we could NO LONGER care for her, $ was GONE. There was a full time nurse, but at $800+ a week for care, we could not swing it any longer... so I began caring for her EVERY NEED. Bathing, Dressing, Potty, Food, Bed, etc.....
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