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Thank you for sending such wonderful gifts to your loved ones. The gifts were beautiful and very much appreciated. The extra fund$ you sent were greatly appreciated. I have myself been at fault for not sending thank you notes. Thank you for reminding me, I am in fact, going to send a thank you on facebook to my X-SIL now for a dress she made my DD (years ago, hiding again, further into the hole under the chair!!!)
Quote: Originally Posted by Alyantavid . We even got a call from the school yesterday asking if he was ready for a kindergarten screening. K Screening at 4? He cannot attend public school as a K until 5 though, right? So he would not be ready for elementary school for another year and half.. so why would they call and ask you such a thing?
I live in S Florida, wear my flops year round. I actually have a very nice 'thong tan line' on my foot, Oh and about the socks, I picked up some sock type things last year. The are like, umm, a tube I guess, with a heal. It fits from ankle to arch, but that is it. I wear them with my flops,
Thank you for sharing, beautiful, made me cry!
I would say 4, if not just 5
WOW! The lock on the door is very strange. I am glad you will be taking off for the summer. Perhaps you can find another center to work for when the time is right.
First off, I stated Quote: IMO Second of all, I do not appreciate having digs at me for what WORKED FOR OUR FAMILY! I replied to this thread with what worked for us to get our puppy to NOT be aggressive in a possible negative manner. It does not matter what anyone else said in previous posts, not everyone is going to agree. That is the wonderful thing about this place, we all have different ideas, different choices/decisions/etc and it is...
I have a very dear friend who tried to surrogate for a couple. They would come to her home, he would, um, well ya know, in the Instead cup and then she would insert it. They did this for MANY cycles and she never conceived!
Quote: Originally Posted by Surfacing worms in your teeth, no, I read that wrong before I hit the quote button, had to of read it wrong!!!!! Great thread, I am anxious for more replies!
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