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I hope so much that this is the answer for you...not knowing is so difficult. I love Devon's new do!
That is wonderful!
It didn't help DD either. She didn't seem to mind it too much. Her eyes would get really big when I started brushing her but then she would roll over and only want her back brushed. It seemed to make her more "awake" and we had an even harder time getting to her to sleep and stay asleep. It seemed to make DD irritable so we stopped and I haven't done it since.
Your writing is lovely. Thank you!
: I don't have many friends with children, and the ones that have children around DD's age I rarely see anymore. Often they will say things that are hurtful even when they don't mean to be. I.E. "my darling girl only says about 250 words, it really worries me" when my darling girl speaks ZERO words. It shouldn't bother me, but it does. My closest girlfriend does not have children and has been so wonderful to both me and DD. Another close friend is good to DD,...
Good luck this week. IEP's make me crazy nervous, so I feel for you. How is DS doing? It is hard even as an adult to be hurt (emotionally) by a friend. I hope he is feeling better.
Happy Birthday Devon! Mary, both you and your daughter are stunning. I love Devon's outfit. The party looks like so much fun!!!! :
Ack, I never wanted DD to use a pacifier, but she chews and/or sucks on EVERYTHING and every therapy type chew item has never worked...chewlery, chew tubes, the p and q chew things...she will not use. Her poor little hands are always red and dry and her nails are brittle from all of the chewing...My Mom bought the pacifiers after we talked about it and she LIKES them, she sort of chews on the whole thing...but it is better than her hands. Having a SN child really makes...
Thank you so much for posting this. My Mom was telling me today that she watched this and loved it, she cried when she was talking to me about all the wonderful kids.
So many to you. It is so very difficult at times. My DH helps as much as he can, but besides that, we have very little help. My parents live over an hour away, and my Mom can not watch DD because of some medical issues. I have an aunt that will watch her maybe once every other month so we can go out to dinner. That is it. Our DD also is undiagnosed, and that in of itself is hard to handle. I really have no advice since we are in a similar situation but I lots of
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