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Yahoo! I am so very happy for you both. She is just sooooo beautiful, I just love her face!
Yay for the good news!
I am so sorry. Family can say the strangest things.
I also took DD out in her walker for the first time last week. Almost everyone was great, and most people made a point to come and talk to us, but there was this man that just glared hard at her, even after I stared him down! I told DD, LOUDLY, to just keep on going and don't worry about grumpy men. No matter what special need your DC has, it is so difficult on some days. Sort of OT, but something that I found strange happened twice last week. There is the...
Sierra, great info. I try and do that with DD, especially now that she is using a walker. I will ask if it is O.K. for us to bring her walker into their home. Almost always it is someone who knows us well, but at times that works to break the ice and let them know a little about DD so everyone is comfortable. This past weekend, I was admiring a woman's gorgeous wedding ring, it was stunning and vintage and I was coveting it very much. She was so kind and was telling me...
Sing it Sister!
Quote: Originally Posted by feebeeglee Yeah , I'd be crazy blunt to her that THAT IS NOT OKAY. Write HER a social story! So funny. I think my MIL needs one too! Big hugs to you. I am so sorry you and your children had to hear that. You said that this wasn't the first time she has done something like this. Have you said anything to her? It is so difficult when family are the ones being crappy. I wish you the best of luck, because she...
I couldn't read your post and not reply. What a hard decision to make, and I am sure is even more diffiicult because of being pregnant and the new baby on the way. It must be close to impossible, but try and relax and enjoy the last of your pregnancy and your new baby. Take care.
Mary, Happy, Happy Birthday. I hope your day was fabulous! You have such a wonderful outlook.
My DD was just like that, and I thought I would lose my mind. What helped her was to have OT twice a week instead of once and with two different OT's that have different styles, so she gets one day of more sensory (swings, fingerpainting, walking on beans, play dough) and the other day is way more physical. This is at a center, the OT we had coming to the house I really think made things worse for DD : We also don't have her go to sleep until at least 10PM, or else she...
New Posts  All Forums: