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This is great! DD just started using her new reverse walker and took to it like she has been doing it her entire life. Today in ST she made the "W" sound and the "D" sound and when she was putting up the felt pieces from a story she actually saw that one was falling off and pressed it to stay on the board! DD has been napping and sleeping so well it has made all the difference in how the entire house/our lives have been. In Music Therapy she has been...
Oh man, big hugs to you. You are doing all and more that you can. People who do not have SN children have no CLUE at all. Several times over the last three years I have felt the same way, that is never enough for the therapists and/or friends and family. I really don't care what any of them think, I do so much for DD with all of her therapy and all of her different Dr., and Dental appointments with no help from anyone else, so I feel that unless the person that is telling...
This is also a HUGE issue for me. DD is also non verbal, and that is the main reason (besides her not walking etc...) that I rarely have anyone else watch her. I just can't do it, and I know I would be as over protective if she was typical, but being non verbal makes it so much harder.
I hope tomorrow is a better day for everyone. Kalkiwendy, your family is just beautiful, and Virginia is such a great name. I am always shocked when people say off the way things like that. You are doing what works for your family and the in-laws are only making it more difficult for Virginia, how confusing it must be for her, your MIL needs to get over herself!
Yeah! That is wonderful. Beautiful name for a beautiful girl!!!
YES! Besides DH, there is no one else to really talk to about DD. We lost a friend because he thought we were too overprotective of DD (this was when she was 18 months...that made a lot of sense then and now that she is two years older). My parents just go on and on about how "good' she is doing and totally ignore all the therapy, Dr. and Dental appointments and do not help at all. Same with MIL, she doesn't have much to do with DD because she can't "fix" her. She is...
and a big Happy Birthday to Conner.
Big hugs, that would have been impossible for me to do. Your DD is right, you are not a loser!
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