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DD is 42 months and nurses at bed time. We just gradually weaned from nap time. It has only been in the last few months that she has stopped nursing during the day. No immediate plans to stop night nursing.
YES! We have a great ped. for DD, and he goes above and beyond for us, but we still do not have a diagnosis, and until we found him I felt so overwhelmed. I still do with all the therapy and Dr. appointments and all that is involved when you have a child with special needs, but it is better than it was. I don't have answers to why my DD doesn't walk or talk at 3 and 1/2, when she might be able to do these things, and I think I finally just let it go...the not...
I would do it. Like you wrote, life is hard on SN kids and families, and do not feel guilty about it. Have a fantastic time!
The negative feedback is something I can't deal with either. DD's old OT was like that and even now five months later, I still get happy on Wed. mornings because I don't have to deal with her. DD is an only child, and although I would love, love, love to have at least one more, I do not have the energy right now and my big fear is to have people be all over the new baby and ignore DD, it would break my heart and I know I can't sit and listen to someone go ga ga over a...
Happy Birthday! That is so wonderful! What a great Mom you are to take a bite of the "pizza". The "I love you" is the Best, I am so happy for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kodama i am waiting to have a good conversation with miss z. that is in the little by little camp. Me too with Buns! She is non verbal. DD is 3 and 1/2 and uses a reverse walker but does not walk on her own. I too kept thinking "by her second birthday" (or whatever was coming up). I don't even think about those dates now, I still have hope, but it has to be on her terms, not mine.
I so, so, so feel your pain. DD is 3 1/2 and it has only been in the last FOUR months that I have had any normal sleep at all. I really felt like I was going to lose it so many times. Most nights she sleeps from around 10 pm to (if we are lucky) 6 am. But a lot of mornings she is up at 4 or 5. This is a huge improvement over the constant waking up or waking up and crying and nothing would sooth her. I would have to wake up around 6 am to get us ready to go to whatever...
That sounds just like my DD. She has hypotonia and just recently her Neuro. said she is Ataxic (still not diagnosis), but I see her doing the same thing every day. I am sure it is so frustrating!
I am happy for you, it at the very least gives you an answer. Take care.
You are in good company, the last two plus weeks have been rough for us, but yesterday DD was in a very huggy mood so that helped. Hope things start lightening up for you.
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