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hola!  any mdc families in panama?  we are considering panama for expat living in the next 1-5 years or so.  would love to connect with anyone that's btdt!
lurking with interest!  az mama looking into relocating abroad in the next few years - new zealand is top of our list!  had many of these same questions, so thanks!   hubby and i are both teachers with 3 young boys!
5.5 and 3.5 no problems at all.    i think it's really important to remember that males have evolved with foreskins.  it is a normal and essential part of the male genital anatomy.  it is there for many reasons.  most men worldwide have their foreskins and no problems whatsoever.  yes, occasionally, infections do occur, just as they occasionally occur in girls/women.  how many of you mamas have had a urinary tract infection and how was it treated?  the real problem...
monkey mamma - i am so sorry for your very traumatic experience.  PLEASE share your story with http://www.thewholenetwork.org/index.html - it could save lives!
thank you!
a friend of mine recently moved there and she's feeling rather isolated and cold, hoping to find a few contacts for her.
we're from prescott but down looking at a ford truck in mesa. any quick suggestions for a mechanic in mesa? preferably ford?
hey mamas! my parents live on big mcdonald lake and we come visit every july. we have 3 boys - 5, 3.5, and 2. any mdc mamas in this area? i want to go pick some berries while we're here! anyone know of any places to do so?
cool, thanks mamas! dh's grandpa lives in fraser, i love it there. we briefly thought of relocating when dh's teaching position was a little uncertain next year, but for now he's safe. it's still a twinkle of thought in the back of my head though, maybe someday when we get all dried out from living in az.
thanks - what's the area like? i'm familiar with winter park and fraser as we skied there for many years, but we've never made our way to granby...
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